The Real Secret of Making Money Online

People always ask me, ‘What is the secret of making money online?’ For me, the answer is straightforward.

There is no secret. If someone tells you there is a secret, they are trying to sell you something.

The Real Secret of Making Money Online

For me, there is a recipe for making money online. If you want to call it a secret, you are welcome to do so, but for me, you must do three essential things to succeed in your online business

The three ingredients for online success are 1) Make a decision, 2) Pick One, and 3) Do it for at least one year. Let me explain what I mean.

1) Make a decision

This is huge. It would help if you decided to do everything possible to succeed in this business.

Most people I know treat their online business as a hobby. They do it when they feel like it, and when they do not see any success, they get discouraged and quit.

Imagine if you had a regular job, you showed up at your office when you felt like it, did nothing the whole day, and went home. How long would you last? Not long, right?

That is the same with business. The bad news is when you start a new online business, no boss will force you to do the work, and no one else will do it for you. You will need to do it yourself.

It would be best if you decided today to do whatever it takes to succeed. As my favorite motivational speaker, Eric Thomas, said, ‘If you want to succeed as much as you want to breathe, then you will succeed.’ 

2) Pick One

This is the issue that kept me from success for many years. I wanted to do everything in every niche. I had 29 blogs, and none was making me any money.

The truth is that I did not have the time or energy to build them properly, and I ended up messing with all of them. 

To succeed in online business, you must pick one niche, traffic source, and product (when you’re just starting) and take advice from just one person.

Here is the deal: after deciding which niche you want to get involved with and making a decision on which traffic source you want to use ( free or paid), find someone who knows what they are doing in what you want to see if they have a course buys it if you can afford, if not watch their content, follow them find out what they do and learn from them as much as you can.

3) Do it for at least a year

Most people who fail in the online business quit too early before seeing any success. My recommendation is this: try it for at least one year before you change anything.

It does not matter if it is a new program, a traffic method, or a niche. It would be best to do it for at least a year, evaluate the results, and adjust.

I recommend this because if you are going for free traffic, whether a blog, X, or YouTube, it will take time before those algorithms push your content for more people to see it.

My reason for this is that three months is enough time for you to see the results of your effort.

If you write a blog post every day for a year months, you should get some traffic. This applies also to YoutubeSocial media, etc.

When I say do it for a year and then evaluate, I do not mean do it for one week and wait three months for results.

I mean to do it every day for at least a year. If you do not see a positive change in your online business, there is something you’re not doing right: evaluate, change, and go again until you succeed.

If you have 300 posts on your blog and do not make at least $100 a day, your approach is wrong.

Three hundred posts in a blog should be enough for you to quit your job and live the internet lifestyle.

If you are not getting that, you could be in the wrong niche, not doing keyword research or creating good content. Just analyze the problem, take the lessons, and start over.

Final words

For those asking for the real secret to making money online, now you have it. Decide you want it, pick one niche and one traffic source, and do it every day for at least one year, evaluate, change if necessary, and then go again. If you do this, you will be successful.