5 Assets You Need To Build Online

If you are like me and you want to make money online, you better start building online assets.

These assets will be your money-makers. In this post, I will examine five assets you need to build online to succeed in your online business.

What is an asset?

According to Robert Kiyosaki, an asset is anything you can acquire or create to make money.

For example, buying a car for the Uber business is an asset because it will make you money, but if you buy a car to go around the city, this is a liability. It takes money from your pocket.

In shorter words, something brings you money, an asset, something takes money from you, it is a liability.

Five Assets You Need To Build Online

I picked these five assets first because they helped me make money online and feed each other, meaning one asset helps the other grow. You do not need to do them once, but you can start to build one and then go to the next one.

Your Skills

This is the most important asset you can have if you want to make money online. You need to have at least one skill.

You have no idea of people who come to me and ask me how they can make money online, and if I ask what you know, the answer is nothing.

We all knew nothing when we started, but we had to learn to do things and acquire the skills over time.

If you do not have any skill you can monetize, that is great. Pick one skill you want to learn, buy a course that teaches that skill ( if you have money), or go to YouTube and spend the entire weekend watching content about that skill, take as many notes as you can, test your skills, and share that skill to the world.

Some of the skills you can learn are 

Affiliate marketing

Content Creation

Editing videos



Building websites

Paid Advertising 

Social media marketing

After learning your skill, please test it and share the result with other people online. This can be creating an X account and sharing your experience there, starting a blog, a YouTube channel, Instagram, etc. You must share your experience, leading us to the next asset.

The content

Now you have a skill, you need to start creating content about the skill you are learning. You will see a lot of gurus tell you to share your journey.

This is true. Sharing your journey will help you to connect with people who want to achieve what you have achieved.

You will either find people who know more than you, you can learn from them, who are at the same level as you, they can be your partners and who are just behind you, and you can be a mentor to them.

To create content, choose platforms when you are just starting, one for a short form and another for a long form.

Short form content

People have short concentration spans. It is estimated that, on average, people can only concentrate for up to 8 seconds.

This is why short content platforms like TikTok, X, and YouTube shorts are getting popular.

You need to create short-form content and post on these platforms to attract many people to your content.

Pick one short-form platform between X, YouTube Shorts, Instagram, or TikTok.

For me, it is X, and you can check my X account here.

Longterm Content

People who consume short-term content do not buy. That is the harsh truth. You need education with boring long-term content( not that boring). The idea of short-form content is to attract people to your long-term content.

For long-form content, start a blog or a YouTube channel. If you can do both, great; if you can do one, pick one that suits you the best.

If you go with X, I recommend starting a blog to post your long content, and if you go with Instagram, TikTok, or Shorts, then creating a YouTube channel is a wiser choice.

Leads magnets

Now you are an expert, and people have started to know you, it is time to create lead magnets. You can offer a valuable lead magnet to people consuming your content in exchange for their email addresses.

You can create a lead magnet, which can be a document, a PDF, a checklist, an audio, a video, or an email series, teaching people who consume your content something that helps them to solve their problems.

For example, if your skill is copywriting, you can create simple documents with all the great resources to learn copywriting, and to get that, they will need to provide you with their email address.

You can create different lead magnets depending on the prospects you are targeting, and you can then sell your products or affiliate products to these people as long as these products help people in your email list.

You need to know which lead magnet to create first. Just ask your audience. This is the beauty of having an audience. They will tell you what they want to learn.

email list

Now, you have at least one lead magnet, and it is time to start building the next one, which is your email list.

To build your email list, you need an audience who likes your content and a lead magnet. At this point, you should have these assets.

Now, you need to get an autoresponder, and I recommend using Convertkit as they have a free plan. You can start building your email list without any cost to you.

Create a landing page with Convertkit, and when people submit their email address, the autoresponder will send them a welcome message and a download link.

This asset will save you a lot of money and help you make more money. A few years ago, when I had a baby (he is almost eight now), wherever I needed money, I would send emails to my list promoting affiliate products and making enough cash to take care of my newborn.

You can do the same; even more, there is no limit to how many people can join your list. As you produce good content, people will join your list.

You will add your landing page to your social media ( short form content) and your blog or in a video description of your YouTube videos.


You can promote and recommend affiliate products when you produce content and build an email list.


If you have yet to make it online, I recommend starting affiliate products, but when you start making some money and getting experience, creating your product is always a good idea.

The product does not have to be complicated; my first product was a PDF about building a successful blog. I sold it for $9.7, and I sold many of them using JVZOO. Then I changed my mind and decided to give it for free.

What next

After creating those five assets, you can pick another skill, create content around that skill, build a lead magnet, and create a product. You can rinse and repeat until you have all the skills you need or can pivot.

Final words

Those are the five assets you need to build online. How many of these assets do you have? In the comment section below, let me know if you need help building any of these assets. Let us connect on X, and I can help you.