Clickbank Gravity Vs Popularity…which one do you go for?

By Seki Hudson

July 9, 2023

Clickbank gravity vs popularity, which one is the better metric when it comes to selecting a product to promote in Clickbank? What does gravity mean in the first place?

I know this sounds newbie question, but many people even experienced marketers forget or confuse the difference between Gravity and Popularity in ClickBank.

In this post, I am going to go through the difference between Clickbank’s gravity and popularity and which one you should follow when it comes to picking a Clickbank offer to promote.

What is Clickbank Gravity?

The Definition of ClickBank Gravity

According to the information on the ClickBank website:

Gravity: Number of distinct affiliates who earned a commission by promoting the vendor’s products during the past 12 weeks. This is not an actual number of affiliates. For each affiliate, an amount between 0.1 and 1.0 is added to the result, depending on when his/her last transaction occurred. More recent transactions are given a higher value.

The gravity amount of a product is meant to serve as an indication of the number of affiliates who are currently making sales of the product. When the gravity amount is higher, it means that there are more affiliates who earn commissions from that specific product at a given moment.

Clickbank popularity

The Definition of Clickbank Popularity

Clickbank popularity is determined by a vendor’s net sales over a recent time frame and also rewards vendors with many affiliates promoting them.

While gravity takes into account only affiliates who made at least one sale in the period of 12 weeks or so, popularity takes on account the number of sales generated, the number of affiliates who tried to promote it but didn’t make any sales, as its name suggests it shows how the product is popular and remember popular does not mean it is better.

Clickbank gravity Vs Popularity…which one do you go for while choosing a Clickbank product?

This is my take on this. gravity is an essential factor when choosing a Clickbank product for promotion rather than popularity.

In my experience in this affiliate marketing, I have found that most people search the Marketplace using the default “Sort by” option, which sorts all products by using popularity.

While popularity is a useful measure of a product’s earning potential for you as the affiliate, there are many advantages to using the other “Sort by” options available in the Marketplace as well, like gravity, earning per sale, etc.

Popularity could also have to do with how many affiliates have created hoplinks for this product but it’s not always a good recommendation to follow – stick with looking at products that have a gravity of between 6 and 40, especially if you’re new.

Gravity is more of a reliable indicator that the product is actually selling! And that’s what counts.


Now we have seen the difference between Clickbank Gravity vs. popularity, my recommendation is to go with Gravity when it comes to choosing the best Clickbank product to promote as an affiliate, but Gravity only will not decide which product to choose, you need to consider other elements like, how much money you will make per sale, commission percentage, refund rates, sales page/video among the other.

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