How To Build A Strong Mindset (10 ways to do so)

They say that you are what you think about. If you think like a loser, you are a loser. To improve in life, you must change your thoughts and beliefs. In this post, I will share how to build a strong mindset.

What is a mindset?

A mindset is a set of self-perceptions or beliefs about yourself. These determine your behavior, outlook, and mental attitude. 


How To Build A Strong Mindset

Your mindset defines how you handle challenges, stress, and pressure, no matter the circumstances.

For example, I have seen two people facing the same issues under the same circumstances.

One could rise to the occasion and shine again, while the other would be destroyed. 

Stop making excuses, blaming others, complaining.

Most people I know have a victim mindset. They are victims of everything. They are fat because of their DNA, they are poor because of the Government, etc.

They blame everything on someone or something. If this is you, please stop making excuses and take responsibility for your actions.

If you do not make enough money, you can go and find a job, start a side hustle, etc. If you are ugly and overweight, you can at least go to the gym, lose weight, and be fit and ugly.

I know a person who has kids and hopes the government will pay for his kids’ education. When I asked him what he would do if the government refused to do so, he answered, ” I will go and protest;” do not be like this guy.

Be more bold & decisive.

Many people miss many opportunities in life because of their indecisiveness. To win in life, you need to be bold and decisive.

I remember when I was in primary school, I used to like one girl. It took me forever to ask that girl; she was already dating my cousin when I did. My lack of boldness caused me to miss out on a great girl.

The main reason for indecisiveness is fear. Most people are afraid to fail and get rejected. While you are overthinking, other people are taking action and overtaking you.

Learn to be bolder and more decisive. If you get it right, you will be happy; if you get it wrong, you will learn. Either way, you win. 

Cultivate an abundance mentality.

Most people have a scarcity mindset. They think that if they make money, other people will be poor or have to steal from others.

If you want to change your life as a man, you must have an abundance mindset. Everything you want is within your reach. If you want money, there is unlimited money in the world.

Do you want women? And she said no. Guess what? There are more and better women out there.

Don’t be afraid to lose things, opportunities, or even people; there is always a better option.

Practice being more grateful & generous.

You can practice gratitude using the following three steps: Take note of the good stuff in your life.

Appreciate and save the good stuff. Express gratitude by writing it down or telling someone.

You can perform a random act of generosity. For example, you can Pay for someone’s groceries or coffee. You can volunteer your time, and you can help people in need.

Challenge yourself to overcome fear & adversity.

I know many people are having a hard time; some have lost their jobs, some have lost their loved ones, etc. If this is you and you are facing any adversity, trust me, you will get over it.

You can start this by doing things you fear the most: you fear getting rejected, start by approaching that cute girl; you fear height, go for a Russian roulette; you have a fear of flying, catch that plane, fear the fear, but do it anyway.

Listen to feedback without getting hurt.

Most people like positive feedback, but when you tell them anything negative about them, they will get mad at you. Do not be this person.

You see, receiving positive and negative feedback is the only way to grow. As long as it is honest feedback, you should be able to listen to it without hurting your ego.

Know when to ask for help.

No man can build an empire alone. You need a group of friends who you trust and rely on. You need to develop self-awareness and know when you can do things alone and ask for help from your friends and other people.

When to Ask for Help
  • You are unsure about things. …
  • You don’t have enough resources. …
  • You lack the skill and knowledge to do something. …
  • The job requires more than one person to accomplish. …
  • You have tried different approaches and perspectives but still ended up failing.

Develop higher levels of emotional awareness.

We are emotional beings. We make most of our decisions using emotions and logic to justify our decisions.

You must build emotional mastery through meditation, journaling, reading biographies about other great men, and finding a good mentor.

Practice visualizing success.

I believe that you will never have something you can not visualize in your mind. Do you want to be successful? Visualize yourself being successful; you want to be fit; visualize yourself being fit.

You do this by defining exactly what success is to you and how you want to be and having that mental picture play that mental picture in your head several times a day. 

If you visualize your success and you take action, you will become successful.

Seek to improve yourself and also love & accept yourself as you are.

I know you want to improve, which is good; this is why you are here. However, while you are seeking improvement, you need to accept yourself. You need to accept who you are, your flaws, strengths, and weaknesses.

Accepting and loving yourself as you are and striving to become the best possible version of yourself are not contradictory concepts. They can complement each other and contribute to personal growth and well-being.

Key Takeaways: How to build a strong mindset

This is How To Build A Strong Mindset

  • Stop making excuses, blaming others, complaining.
  • Be more bold & decisive.
  • Cultivate an abundance mentality.
  • Practice being more grateful & generous.
  • Challenge yourself to overcome fear & adversity.
  • Listen to feedback without getting hurt.
  • Know when to ask for help.
  • Develop higher levels of emotional awareness.
  • Practice visualizing success.
  • Seek to improve yourself and also love & accept yourself as you are.