How I Do Better Than My Competition (5 Reasons)

People always ask me if we started together, but you have a better life than us. What do you do differently than us?

In this post, I will share how I do better than my competition.

Who is my competition

My competition is anyone who wants to achieve the same thing as I am. When I was at school, my classmates were my competition. When I had a cooperative job, my co-workers were my competition, etc.


How I Do Better Than My Competition (5 Reasons)

How I Do Better Than My Competition 

Be it in university or a corporate job, a competitive spirit has always driven me. My singular goal was to surpass everyone and emerge at the top of my group, a testament to my unwavering determination.

Working hard

There is no magic formula for success. It starts with envisioning a plan for your life, setting ambitious goals, and then dedicating yourself to working relentlessly toward them. This is the key to unlocking your potential.

Do you want to make money online? Create content every day and post it multiple times a day.

While your competition is chasing girls and watching TV, you work, and guess what? You will win, and they will call you luck.

This is what I do. It is Friday when I am writing this. Most of my friends are resting today after finishing their shifts, and I am here creating some content.

I Always invest in myself. 

The best investment you can make in life is in yourself. You are your greatest asset, and investing in yourself will yield the highest return.

For a few years now, I have been investing in learning digital marketing, copywriting, and fitness.

My friends are using their time and money to have fun. I invest my time and money into learning new skills and building income assets. ( now I have seven income streams).

Having a huge network worldwide 

As a man, you need to have a network of people you know and can rely on worldwide—people you can call upon when you get in trouble anywhere.

To build a successful network, you first need to learn skills for interacting with people and having something interesting to add to the conversation.

I remember once I was at Mexico City International Airport. I saw this guy who seemed lost.

He could not speak Spanish, and his English could have been better. I spoke to him and helped him check in, showed him around the airport, and translated a few things for him. 

Then that guy told me he was a higher government officer in one of the Middle east countries( I can not mention it).

Now we are friends. I stay in hotels for free whenever I go to the Middle East. That is how having a great connection can make your life easier. 

The easiest way to build a great network is to go to places where rich people go, such as expensive gyms, first-class flying businesses, airport lounges, and exclusive restaurants.

You will find people with whom you can form connections in these places. Do not be shy; go and speak with them.

Not giving up

One of the best lessons I had to learn the hard way was not to give up. I started a blog and posted some content, and no one was reading it.

I decided to quit and go and find a job, but I wouldn’t say I liked that job too much. Next time, I started another blog and promised to blog every day for a year, even though no one would read it.

After seven months, a few people started reading it, and then I started making some sales. Now, I make a full living from it.

The only reason I succeeded is because I did not give up.

If you start a podcast, no one will listen to it. If you start streaming, it might take you a long time before people start watching your stream.

Do not give up. Promise yourself to keep doing what you want to achieve even if the odds are against you.

Remember, your competition is sleeping, so keep working, and you will make it.

 Speaking the truth even when it’s not comfortable 

If you have the evidence and believe certain things are true, you should speak even if it is uncomfortable for many people.

I believe that most people are poor or fat because they are lazy. I tell this to everyone who can listen to me.

That is the truth, but most people try to blame the government, the pandemic, their families, etc.

I discovered that even though these people do not speak to me anymore ( most of them), they respect me.

Speak the truth even when it is not comfortable or popular, and people will respect you.

Key Takeaways

How I Do Better Than My Competition 

  • Working hard
  • I Always invest in myself. 
  • Having a huge network worldwide 
  • Not giving up
  •  Speaking the truth even when it’s not comfortable 

If you start doing those five things daily, your life will change, and you will become successful and powerful.