My Experience With Camtasia

A few days ago, I decided to start a new YouTube channel. You can follow my journey here. In doing so, I had to find software that I could use to record and edit my video.

I tried a few software, but Camtasia caught my attention. I have been using it to record and edit my videos. Here is my experience with Camtasia after testing the software.

A good screen recording tool is necessary if you’re running an online business that requires you to make video tutorials, demos, etc.

If you want to start creating videos and using video marketing to drive traffic to affiliate products or your products.

You will probably need to make video tutorials showing people how to do specific tasks, or maybe you wish to give them a sneak peek at what they’ll be getting when they buy a product.

These types of videos help to build an audience and convert viewers into customers.

The only way to show what you’re doing on the screen will be to use a screen recording tool that can capture the screen clearly and has features allowing you to edit the videos.

Several screen recording software brands are on the market… but NONE come close to Camtasia.

Most marketers will gladly say that Camtasia is the only screen recording tool they need.

Let’s see why people rave about this screen recording tool…

The Pros of using Camtasia

Easy to use

I will be the first to admit that the interface can seem overwhelming and intimidating.

However, once you watch the tutorials (free) and go through the learning curve, you’ll discover that Camtasia is easy to use.

Fantastic editing capabilities

In Camtasia, you can edit videos and import clips effortlessly. Interestingly, even if you splice a video and delete half of it, you can extend it back if you wish to correct it.

No changes are irreversible. This means you have complete flexibility when editing your videos precisely to the second without having to hit the undo button repeatedly.

You can control all of its features from one interface. No switching between pages and so on. One clean interface that controls everything. It’s fantastic.

High-quality recording

The screen recording is almost flawless. There are no lags or ‘skipping screens.’ You’ll have excellent sound quality if you’re using a good microphone.

You can use a webcam with your screen recording if you wish to appear on the screen.

Camtasia will let you record both the screen and yourself talking. Later on, you can add the video of yourself to the corner of the screen recording during editing.

Wide range of features

One cannot mention Camtasia without praising its features. Not only does it record the screen, but you’ll be able to add cursor effects, slide-in text, annotations, transitions, callouts, and several other visual effects that will make your videos engaging.

Most other screen recording tools do not have a wide range of features that hampers your ability to create incredible videos that grab the audience’s attention.

1-month free trial

Techsmith is so confident in their software that they’ll let you test it for one month free. You’ll be able to get the hang of using the software and make several videos with it.

Once you use Camtasia, you’ll never look back. It’s that good.

Export in multiple formats

You can export your video as a local file in MP4 format with various resolutions. You can even share it on your YouTube account, etc. It’s very convenient.

Excellent support

Besides the tutorials that will make you competent at using the software, there’s also a support desk you can contact – if you have problems using Camtasia.

The support staff is knowledgeable, responsive, and polite. This is a reputable brand that knows how to please its customers.

One-time payment

You pay once, and you can use Camtasia forever. There are no recurring payments for this software.

Note: You can pay a small amount to have the newest version of the software and renew the support, but if you do not want that, you can use the same version forever.

The Cons 

The biggest con most marketers will find with Camtasia is its pricing, which is currently at $249.99. If you’re on a tight budget, this is a significant investment.

However, you’ll use it all the time to make videos. When your video marketing efforts yield sales and commissions, you can bet Camtasia will pay for itself. This is a must-have tool… even if it means saving up for it.

Besides the pricing, Camtasia has an upgrade once every couple of years. You’ll have to pay for each upgrade.

It may seem unfair, but that’s how it is. But the software will still work fine even if you don’t upgrade.

No software is perfect… and occasionally, Camtasia crashes, too. So, it’s best to save your work intermittently. This is not something to worry about because it doesn’t always happen.

Should You Get It?

Yes. As mentioned earlier, I like using Camtasia. The software is a very versatile screen recording tool that will be of use for most types of online marketing.

Once you get it and start using it, you’ll wonder how you got by so long without it. Even if you’re reluctant to plop down the money for the tool, the least you can do is use the free 1-month trial.

You’ll be amazed at the powerful screen recording software it is… and want it in your online marketing arsenal.

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