10 Best Affiliate Marketing Forums

I am a big fan of forums. I think I can learn a lot in forums and use them to drive traffic to my blog or squeeze pages.

In this post, I will list the best affiliate marketing forums and how I think about them.

What is a forum?

Simply put, a forum is a place, meeting, or medium where ideas and views on a particular issue can be exchanged.

So, an affiliate marketing forum is where many people meet and discuss many things related to affiliate marketing and making money online.

Are forums still relevant?

There are some gurus out there saying that forums are dead.

This is not true; as an online entrepreneur, you will need to have a place where you can learn things and share your ideas with others; forums are great for that.

Why should you join a forum?

If you’re like me, there is a chance that most people around you are not entrepreneurs, and becoming an online entrepreneur can become very lonely.

You don’t have anyone who understands what you are talking about.

Joining a forum can be a good way to combat that, as you will meet like-minded people on the same journey as you are.

You can use forums to learn things that are happening in the industry, you can use forums to show your expertise and gain trust in the marketplace place also.

You can use them to drive massive traffic to your online platforms like blogs, squeeze pages, YouTube channels, and social media.

How many forums should I join?

I am a member of three forums. I tried a lot of the forums I am going to mention below, but because I have a limited amount of time in a day and there are many other things to do, I decided to stay active in just three of them, and I don’t post content on them every day. So, you should pick one or two forums and become a very active member.

Best Affiliate Marketing Forums

The forums I included in this list are traditional forums, websites designed to be forums, not communities that you can find on Facebook or X.

They are great, and you can get a lot of value from these communities, but I decided not to include them since they are communities inside social media platforms.

After saying that, let us dive in and see the best affiliate marketing forums.

Warrior Forum


For me, Warrior Forum is the best digital marketing forum, and it is a powerful, interactive, and very useful forum for affiliates who want to make money online. It’s also a marketplace, as well.

If you have to join only one forum, this should be it. It covers all topics related to internet marketing, from SEO to affiliate, social, blogging, and much more.

It’s an active forum for all serious affiliates and marketing experts with threads on all sorts of effective web marketing, networking, sales of products and services, and much more.

It offers an interactive platform for discussion on affiliate marketing. You can learn new affiliate marketing trends and share your experiences with fellow members.

Members go on to discuss online money-making topics. You can get guidance from industry veterans. Beginners in affiliate marketing can learn effective affiliate marketing techniques.

It is free to join Warrior Forum, but they have an upgraded membership that they call Warrior Room, and there, you will find some of the best content in affiliate marketing.



I admire everything on Affilorama; it is a must-have resource for new online entrepreneurs.

The best advice I can give a new affiliate marketer is to go to Affilorama, claim their free tools and affiliate marketing lessons, and then become active on their forum; these guys have everything you need to succeed online.

In this forum, you will discuss affiliate marketing, building money-making websites, SEO, article marketing, etc.



affLIFT is a premium forum, you have to pay to be a member, but their price is very affordable, and it offers more value for your price.

I am an active member of this forum, so I can tell you that their content is very up-to-date and valuable.

If you’re teachable and can take action, this is where you should be, but if you don’t want to learn and take action, you should probably first concentrate on free forums because you will be wasting your money.

They focus mainly on affiliate marketing and CPA offers, they teach push notifications, PPC, Facebook marketing and other affiliate marketing related topics.

With affLIFT, you can race ahead and profit from your affiliate marketing efforts. It’s a useful platform for beginners and professionals already making money with affiliate marketing.

affLIFT has much useful information. It has helpful and friendly members of its community.



This is one of the most popular affiliate marketing forums, and I joined it when I just started.

I don’t go there anymore, but I still think it is a great forum simply because it is free and has a very active community.

If you’re new to affiliate marketing, this can be a great place to start because their focus is changing newbie affiliate marketers into experts in their respective areas.

Digital Point

Digital Point

Digital Point is one of the oldest affiliate marketing forums. It’s a huge international forum where affiliate marketers from around the world gather to discuss ideas and put up things for sale, like domain websites, graphics, articles, eBooks, and templates.

It is one of the best places for discussion on affiliate marketing. They cover different affiliate marketing-related subjects such as search engines, design & development, business & marketing, and development & trade. You can even buy and sell digital products on the Digital Point Marketplace.

Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate is one of the biggest affiliate marketing communities online; I joined them when I started.

I think they’re the best when creating review blogs and ranking them on search engines.

They give you a powerful keyword tool and web hosting, offer a free trial for their premium service, and have great support.

This is the best place to start if you want to learn about creating affiliate blogs and raking them to get free traffic.

Why I canceled my WA membership

I had two problems with them, so I canceled my membership. The first problem is that you get all those things I mentioned above only if you’re a premium member (it is not a bad thing), but they market them as if you will get those even if you’re a free member (it is misleading and I didn’t like it).

The second problem I had with them was that they teach badmouth marketing. They teach their affiliate to call everything online a scam.

If you don’t believe me, google any program and add the word scam. You will find out most of the sites on the first page are from people who promote Wealth Affiliate (which indicates their strong knowledge of ranking websites).

All they will do is write bad things about another program, call it a scam, and recommend Wealth Affiliate.

I know that much of the training is not worth it, but I firmly believe that talking bad about another person or program is not a great way to promote yourself or your products.

After saying that, I must say that WA is a great community, and they have some great training for premium members.

If you don’t mind negative promotion tactics, you should join them. Just don’t fall for their free membership.

You can sign up as a free member of Wealthy Affiliate (I don’t recommend it if you want to check them out; you get a premium membership free trial). However, the opportunity for paid subscribers is also best for its growing community.

Forum topics include SEO, Video Marketing, PPC, WordPress, Affiliate Programs, and more.



This is also a huge affiliate marketing community, and many affiliate marketers use black hat methods to make money online (hence the name).

These people think outside the box. Inside this forum, you will find anything from how to rank your blog in Google using black hat methods, adult niche, and all things that people do on affiliate marketing but don’t talk about in public, and you can even find links to download some of the paid courses for free.

If you want to check them out, go and check them out, but I won’t recommend them as your long-term solution because most of the methods you will learn from this forum can help you to make a quick buck, but they can hurt you and your business in a long run.


SitePoint is one of the best affiliate marketing forums and one of the most favorite for affiliates and merchants.

You will find various topics in this forum, from online affiliate marketing to designs and programming. It’s a great solution area for the affiliates to harvest results through effective networking.

Final words

There are a lot of affiliate marketing forums, free and paid ones. I tried most of them, and they have similar attributes to the one I posted above.

If you think I have been unfair and there are better affiliate marketing forums than those I posted, let me know in the comment section below.