Louis Vuitton Affiliate Program-Review and How to Make $100 Daily

Louis Vuitton is one of the best fashion brands in the world. They sell some of the most luxury fashion products in the world, and as affiliates, this is a great option to make some money by sending people to their store using our affiliate links.

What is Louis Vuitton?

Louis Vuitton is a French luxury fashion house and company founded in 1854 by Louis Vuitton.

When it comes to fashion, Louis Vuitton is a household. Their products promote themselves.

To make at least $100 daily, you only need to find a couple of people to click your affiliate link and buy.

Does Louis Vuitton have an affiliate program?

Yes, Louis Vuitton has an affiliate program that allows affiliates to promote their products through various online channels, including social media, YouTube, and Website.

Still, you must follow their guidelines to be able to promote those products.

Louis Vuitton Affiliate Program Overview

As a Louis Vuitton affiliate, you gain access to a vast range of luxury products, from handbags and accessories to clothing and footwear, all of which can be promoted to your target audience.

Since these are luxury products, most people tend to buy them, and you can make higher commissions than Amazon.

Why Choose Louis Vuitton’s Affiliate Program

There are many reasons to choose the Louis Vuitton affiliate program, and making money is one of them. Here are five reasons why you should choose Louis Vuiton’s Affiliate program.


Louis Vuitton is a name that resonates with elegance, and affiliating with such a reputable brand can enhance your online presence. People who buy Louis Vuitton products have money and love spending it.

Product Range

Louis Vuitton offers various fashion products that appeal to a diverse audience, enabling affiliates to cater to different niches. 

This will give you different angles to promote Louis Vuitton products, or you can create a lifestyle blog/social media around different Louis Vuitton products.

Attractive commissions

The Louis Vuitton Affiliate Program rewards affiliates with competitive commission rates on successful referrals. The commission rate is between 3 to 7%.

The percentage varies based on product categories, with higher-end items often offering more attractive commissions.

Affiliates can earn commissions on sales generated through their referral links, providing a consistent income stream.

Access to exclusive events and product launches

If you become a super affiliate, Louis Vuitton will invite you to their exclusive events and product launches, giving you as an affiliate early access and information for their upcoming products before the general public.

This will give you an advantage before you have all promotional materials and content. 

Marketing Support

Louis Vuitton provides affiliates with personalized support and marketing materials to help them effectively promote products.

Guidelines before you join the Louis Vuitton Affiliate Program

To join the Louis Vuitton affiliate program, you must meet certain criteria. Here is how you can join the Louis Vuitton affiliate program.

You need an audience.

Before you apply for the Louis Vuitton affiliate program, you need to make sure that you have an audience.

This can be a blog or website with a huge social media following, such as X, Instagram, YouTube, or TikTok. Your content needs to be related to fashion.

High-quality content

Whatever promotion method you pick, you need to ensure that your content is of the highest quality, does not mislead people, and is not spammy.

They will not approve you as an affiliate if you do not follow these standards. Remember, it is a luxurious brand, and quality matters the most to them.

Avoid using their logos.

Do not mislead your audience that you are somehow a part of Louis Vuitton company; do not use their official logo and material on your personal pages, domain name, and content. Create original content, and add your own generated images to your content.

Create content that resonates with the Louis Vuitton brand.

Louis Vuitton is about luxury and elegance. Creating content that goes with that lifestyle will help you to get approved.

It will also increase the possibility of people clicking links from your content and buying products from Louis Vuitton, which will increase your commission. 

Do not do pop-under ads or send spammy emails.

Louis Vuitton does not want to be associated with black or grey hat marketing practices, so avoid using pop-under ads and sending unsolicited spam emails. If they find out, they will terminate your relationship with them immediately.

How to apply for the Louis Vuitton affiliate program

You can apply for the Louis Vuitton affiliate program through networks like Rakuten Advertising or CJ Affiliate.

The first step is to create a free account with the affiliate network and search for the Louis Vuitton program.

Once you find the Louis Vuitton program, submit your application, providing all requested information, including your website or platform details.

Your application will be reviewed by the Louis Vuitton affiliate manager. If your website or platform meets their criteria, you will be approved.

Upon acceptance, you’ll gain access to various marketing materials, affiliate links, and resources that will aid you in promoting Louis Vuitton products.

Louis Vuitton Affiliate Program Commission Structure and Payment

Louis Vuitton’s commission structure may vary, but it generally falls within 3% to 7% of the total sale amount.

The commission rate you receive may depend on factors such as the number of sales you generate or the type of products you promote.

Commission Structure

The commission paid to the affiliate will be based on the performance. High-performing affiliates can earn higher commissions.

Payment Details

They use commission junction to manage their affiliate program, and the payments are typically paid monthly.

Payment Threshold

Affiliates usually need to reach a specific earnings threshold to receive payments. This lowest threshold is $50.

Payment Methods

Louis Vuitton manages its affiliate program through Rakuten and Commission Junction. These affiliate networks often use popular payment methods like direct bank transfers, checks, or electronic payment systems like PayPal.

How to Make $100 per day with The Louis Vuitton Affiliate Program

Achieving a consistent $ 100 per day as a Louis Vuitton affiliate requires creating and executing a simple plan.

It does not have to be perfect, but you must have at least a plan. I plan to use the Louis Vuitton affiliate program to reach $100 daily.

Pick a niche

Louis Vuitton has a lot of products that fit different niches. The easiest way to do this is by looking at yourself: What do you buy from Louis Vuitton? You are the niche.

If you do not buy from Louis Vuitton, you can figure out what you like to talk about all the time, and if that category is aligned with one of the Louis Vuitton products, you find your niche.

Find the product

Now that you have your niche, it is time to find products. Let’s say you love preparing food.

You can list all the products you need to prepare food, such as a knife, blender, soap, sink, etc. Just list them and move to the next step.

Figure out how people are searching for products in your niche

Now you have a list of products, you are not going door to door to recommend them. We use the internet.

Pick one product from your list and Google it. Scrow at the bottom, figure out what people are asking, and note those questions.

Also, you can go to https://www.quora.com/ and search for your product in the search bar to see what questions people ask about Louis Vuitton bags. Copy those questions into a notepad.

Another way to find what people seek is to use tools like Semrush. They offer a free trial; to use them, you only need to put your product name in the search bar.

This will bring up many terms that people are looking at online. Click on the keyword magic tool and select all ( or just questions).

This tool will bring all the terms people use to search for products online. You can click on the KD column to have the easiest keyword first ( the lower the number, the better).

luis voiton affiliate program

Select the keyword related to what you want to do and go to the next step.

Create a blog/YouTube channel.

Now you know what you will be posting online, you can create a blog, a YouTube channel, or both.

You will post all the content we create in the next step.

To create a blog, please click here.

To create a YouTube channel, please click here.

Create content.

Here is where things start to get interesting; now you have the words that people search online for when they are looking for the product.

Go back to Notepad or Excel sheet and pick one phrase people use to search for the product online.

If we return to the same example, one of the keywords was, Are Louis Vuitton bags cheaper in Spain?

You can create a video or write a blog post, answer that question, compare prices between different countries, and, ultimately, recommend where they can buy a Louis Vuitton bag for a cheaper price. Just remember to add your affiliate link.

At first, you will not have affiliate links, so you need to create your channel or a blog post, have some content on it, and when you start getting visitors, apply for the Lous Vuitton affiliate program and if you get approved, go back to the content, and add the link.

Repeat this until you create content about all the keywords you have for the first product, then go to the next, then to the next, until you create content about all the products ( at this point, you should be making more than $100 a day).

The process is simple: write about what people are already searching for, point them to the related product using your affiliate link, and collect the commissions.

You can learn the entire process in a free webinar by clicking here.

What if you wrote about all the products?

You have two options: move to other products or pick a new niche, create a new blog, and do it all over again.

How do you become successful with the Louis Vuitton affiliate program?

Achieving success as a Louis Vuitton affiliate requires dedication, creativity, and a strategic approach. Here are some valuable tips:

Niche Selection.

This is the first and the most important step. You must choose a niche that resonates with luxury fashion and aligns with Louis Vuitton’s brand. This ensures that your content is relevant to your audience.

Quality Content.

Louis Vuitton values quality content. Ensure you Create informative, engaging, and visually appealing content that showcases Louis Vuitton’s products in their best light.

SEO Optimization.

Implement effective SEO practices to increase the visibility of your content in search engines, driving organic traffic.

Social Media.

Use social media to your advantage. You can share affiliate links and engage with your audience. Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, X, and YouTube are particularly effective for fashion affiliates.

Email Marketing

Build an email list and send regular newsletters featuring Louis Vuitton products, special offers, and exclusive promotions.

Learn how to start email marketing for beginners here.

Final words

Building a thriving affiliate business takes time and effort. Be patient and consistent in your promotional strategies.

I recommend picking one marketing platform for short content ( X, Pinterest, Instagram, or TikTok) and one for long-form content (blog or YouTube).

Build on those two platforms until you make enough commissions, and then you can expand to other platforms.

The Louis Vuitton Affiliate Program offers an opportunity to partner with a renowned luxury brand and earn commissions by promoting their iconic products.

You can unlock your potential as a Louis Vuitton affiliate by following their affiliate guidelines, creating high-quality content, and utilizing effective marketing strategies. With dedication and a passion for luxury fashion, you can take significant steps toward becoming a successful affiliate marketer in luxury fashion.