3 Unwritten Email Marketing Rules

Email marketing is the most profitable business model on the Internet. Every online entrepreneur making serious money online has some list, and they use the power of email marketing to sell more products and services.

In this post, I will share the three unwritten email marketing rules. If you follow these three rules, you will start to see an improvement in your results.

Rule #1 – Send more email

This probably will shock you, but you should be sending more emails. Contrary to popular belief, you should only send one email a month. LOL Yes, you need to send more emails to see better results!

When i started with email marketing i was afraid to send emails because i thought people will unsubscribe, and i will lose money guess what, not sending email did not make me money either.

The most important thing to remember when you’re sending these emails is that the people on your list are real people with real problems.

If you send them daily emails with actionable tips, encouragement messages, stories, etc., they will read your email, buy your stuff, and thank you.

Rule #2 – Follow up!

I have seen this a lot from new marketers; they build a great squeeze page, buy traffic, and get some subscribers, and that is it.

The next worst thing you can do when you send one email a month is never follow up…As they say, the fortunes in the follow-up!

Create 5 to 7 emails as your initial sequence message. After that, you can send broadcast emails to keep in touch with your list.

If you do not know how to create these emails, you can follow the script Russel Brunson wrote in his book Dotcomsecrets. 

Rule #3 – Test & Track everything! 

By trade, I am a control engineer, and in engineering schools, they always told us that you can not control something that you can not measure.

This also applies to email marketing. You need to test everything. You need to measure how your list responds to your headlines, how many people click the links you include in your emails, and how many buy after clicking. 

Most email marketing software will tell you what the open rate of your emails is; this will measure the effectiveness of your email headlines.

To track the clicks you get each time you email, you can use a plugin called Pretty Link if you have WordPress installed on your website or a free service called bit.ly. I  use the tracking software called Clickmagic.

 This goes without saying…You’ll know what works and when!

Final words 

That is it. Those are the three unwritten email marketing rules. If you start following them, you will see an improvement in your income.