How To Create a Squeeze Page in HTML

If you have been trying to make money for over a day, I am sure someone told you that money is on the list.

To build a list, you need to have a squeeze page. Today, I will show you how to create a squeeze page in HTML.

What is a squeeze page?

A squeeze page is a page that is dedicated to collecting information about your prospects.
The main goal of squeeze pages is “squeezing” an email address out of the visitor. Because of this, these pages must be left pretty stripped-down and focused.

How do you use a squeeze page?

Squeeze pages are one of the most powerful tools in an online marketer’s toolbox. People will visit your blog or social media and leave; there is no way to contact them. But if you do want the possibility of contacting them again, you need to ask for their email address.

What are squeeze page examples?

I have made a lot of squeeze pages in my online business career. Here are some of the squeeze pages I ever made.

Work From Home Squeeze page.

I made this one with, but the formula is the same: a headline, a call to action, and a box where they can put their email.
landing page
Work from home squeeze page in HTML.
I made this one with HTML. This is the exact squeeze we will create today. The main reason for creating this squeeze page is that most people complain they can not afford Thrive Themes or any other premium squeeze page builder so we will create a squeeze page in HTML.

How do I make a squeeze page in HTML?

To make a squeeze page in HTML, you will need a few things: a place where you can host your files (web hosting), a domain name, an autoresponder ( you get this for free with Aweber), and a file editor, this is free too.

I will provide you with an existing HTML file that is pre-coded. All you need to do is edit some information, make it yours, and upload it to your hosting.

Tools Needed

You’ll need:

  • A text editor like Notepad ++
  • A domain you
  • Hosting  host the squeeze page (I recommend WPX)
  • Aweber account
  • I will give you an HTML file and show you how to edit it.

How to create a squeeze page in HTML in 8 steps

STEP 1:Get a domain name

This is your address online. My recommendation is to get a .com domain name. It should be short and easy to remember. You can use your name for this.

My domain name, for example, is It’s where anyone can find information about me and content.

Get a short and easy-to-remember domain name. My recommended site for buying domains is

Online Business Tools and Resources You Need To Run Your Business

Step 2: Get a hosting account

A hosting account is what connects your domain to the internet space. It’s where all the data presented on your domain is stored.

I use WPX to host all my sites, and I highly recommend them.


Then, you need to install WordPress to your hosting and connect the hosting account with your domain name. I will add a video here on how to do it.

Step 3: Get your autoresponder account

You must get an autoresponder. This is the software you will use to store and send emails to your subscribers. The Autoresponder I use is Aweber.


After you create a free account, they will send you a confirmation message. Click on the confirmation link, create a password, and log in. Follow the instructions to set up your account.

After logging in, click on the sign-up forms and then click on the create a sign-up form.


Choose a basic form. You do not need to edit it. Click next, then save the form.

Now click on the list option, then click on list settings. You only need to copy your unique list ID in the red circle. It starts with awlist, copy it and paste it into a notepad.


Step 4: Download the HTML editor and install it on your computer

Go to the Notepad++ website, download the editor, and install it on your computer.

Step 5: Download the HTML file

As promised, I am going to give you the HTML file. Click here to download the files. Just right-click the zip file you just downloaded and unzip it.

Step 6: Edit the HTML file

Open the file. You will find a file named index.html, right-click it, and then select edit with Notepad++.


After opening the index file, you need to edit it; do not worry. You do not need to be a programmer to do this. Just follow my red numbers.


The number 1 is the heading of your squeeze page. You can change it to a free video, report, training, or anything you need. Just change the black letters.
The number 2, you need to rewrite it. If you want, you can leave it as it is. Here, you just put what your offer will do to your prospects, how to lose 10 pounds in two weeks, how to make your dog stop barking, etc. Short and sweet.
The number 3, here is your call to action. You can leave it as it is or change it to something like enter your email address so that I can send you the training.
The number 4, is what adds people to your Aweber account. Just take the unique id you got from Aweber in step 2, and paste it between the  ”    ” without leaving a space.
The number 5 and number 6, These two links are the same. Both of them will redirect your prospects after they click the submit button. It can be the thank you page or an affiliate link. For me, it is an affiliate link to a Clickbank product.
The number 7 is the big button they must click to watch the video. You can change it to something like Watch the video, Instant Access, or anything you like.
After editing those seven spaces, click on save.

Step 7: Change the background image.

Inside that folder, there is another folder called img. If you want to change it, go to a free image site like find an excellent image you like, copy and paste it into the img folder, and change the image name to background.jpg.

Step 8: Upload the files to your hosting

After editing the HTML file and changing the background image, it is time to upload the files into your hosting.
The first thing you need to do is to zip the file. Just right-click it and add it as a zip file, log in to your hosting account, go to the file manager, select your domain, find the directory where your files are saved, and click on upload. It will take less than 2 minutes. When it is done, click on Go back to your domain name.
After that, right-click the uploaded folder and click Extract here.
If your file name was workfromhome, then open a new browser and type
For example, mine is

Final words

That is it. This is how you make an HTML squeeze page. If you did everything correctly, you should see your squeeze page.
Opt in using your email to see if it will redirect you to the affiliate offer or thank you page.
If there is any issue or problem, contact me, and I will help you free of charge.