How I Stay Focused Amidst Distractions

We are living in a time of social media, and that brings a lot of distractions. Distractions cause us to be unproductive and waste a lot of time scrolling without doing any real work.

A few years ago, the solution was to work at night. When everybody was asleep, I would work around 9 pm up to 5 pm.

Well, I figured out this could have been better. I have a son, so about 7 to 8 is awake and will wake me up, so I will be moody and sleepy the whole day, which is unhealthy.

So, I have to devise some strategies to stay focused. Here is how I stay focused amidst distractions.

How do I stay focused amidst distractions

Here are the two things I do to stay focused amidst distractions

I have an action plan.

This is important, and I have a five-year action plan. I want to do this in the next five years: what business I want to have, the places I want to travel, the family I want to have, etc.

The five-year plan is divided into five one-year plans, and I know exactly what I need to do each year to reach that five-year plan.

The one-year plan is divided into a 90-day plan, which I want to accomplish in 90 days.

The 90-day plan is divided into one week, the lowest part of my plan each week. I pick things I want to do in the seven days, which will be part of the 90-day plan, which is part of my one-year and five-year plans.

You see, I know exactly what to do every day, and this helps me to remain focused and not to wonder about social media getting cheap dopamine.

I block time for just work.

Now I know what to do every day, and the next thing is to block time to do those things. So, as I mentioned, I have a son, so I would have breakfast with him, drive him to school, and then block 4 hours of pure work. Here is where I would create videos, write articles, or anything in my 7-day plan. 

Four hours of pure work for content creation, no phone, no chatting, no social media, pure work.

I have a home office where no one will come in during this time unless a real emergency requires my attention.

Also, I will block one hour in the evening for the gym or just for a walk; this is where I have to release the stress, and it also helps me to generate new ideas.

Final words

This is how I stay focused amidst distractions, in the world where there are many distractions you need to find a way to work on your projects and business.

What I see most people spend time in X responding to other people’s posts, and they wonder why they are not making any income.

After doing the important work and going to the gym, it is time to fool around in social media for engagement, reply to comments on my blog, and rest.