First Steps to Making Money From Blogging

There are many steps you must take as a beginner to start making money from blogging.

You will surely face challenges on your way to generating considerable passive income with a blog.

First Steps to Making Money From Blogging

But the good news is that all of these challenges can be overcome. Most of the challenges arise from the way you view blogging and making money online generally – your mindset.

Most of the challenges will arise from opinions you have formed about blogging from information which was initially available to you.

They are opinions you have taken to heart due to what several supposed ‘experts’ have told you. Their stories of how you can easily make six figures within days of starting a blog.

This article is intended to show you that even though it is not too hard to make money from blogging, there are certain steps you must take and certain ideologies you must straighten out.

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Your Mindset

Your mindset is the most important factor when it comes to succeeding as an authority blogger.

Many people hold the misconception that once you can get the right tools like the WordPress blogging software and its many plugins, a good SEO platform and so on, then you are set for success.

Well, this is quite untrue. Blogging success begins with knowing what you are an authority in. Something you never get tired of talking about.

This love will help you through the time spent before you begin to see actual results.

A Niche Is the Beginning

The right niche is really the beginning of blogging fortunes. You must ensure that you research to find out the best in relation to what you are an authority in.

Some people think a niche’s popularity is the only ingredient that will make them successful. Even though this is one of the requirements, there are many others.

  • Ensure Niche Profitability: In addition to being popular, the niche you are going to create your blog in must be profitable. Keyword research is the best way of testing a niche for profitability. It helps you in discovering the general demand for a specific idea. It gives you an estimate of the number of people looking for information on that particular topic within a given period of time.
  • Test Your Niche For Longevity: You should also test whether your chosen niche will stand the test of time. You should know whether the topic you want to start blogging about will still be relevant in years to come. There are many techniques for performing this test on your idea. An example is hanging around in forums to determine the kind of future which awaits your niche.
  • Test Your Niche For Whether You Are An Authority: You should test whether you are actually an authority in your chosen topic. It will be quite embarrassing to think you know a topic more than anyone else only to later discover that, your knowledge is obsolete. There are many ways for doing this. Hanging around relevant forums is again useful here. You can determine how much people know about your topic from discussions.
  • Test Your Niche For Competition: A niche with no competition means it is not relevant. While a competitive niche means people are, making money from it. Competition means many people are interested in your topic. Competition serves you in several ways as a blogger. One of those ways is studying what competitors are doing to succeed and copying them thereby saving time and other resources.
  • Test Your Niche For Products: You also need to test whether valuable products can be created for your niche. If you create a following in a niche where people neither need information nor physical products, you hardly make money. A look at existing products is one of the ways for determining whether your niche needs products.

These subtopics should have shown you how important establishing a niche is, as a first step to making authority blog profits.

Other Vital First Steps

Other vital first steps to your authority blog success include:

Topic Generation

You must generate relevant topics from your niche research. You will want your blog articles to end up going viral.

This can only be possible by generating relevant topics. When you write on such topics, the articles surely give value to your readers by solving one problem or the other for them.

Generating relevant blog topics is all about knowing who your target audiences are and the kind of information which will be valuable to them. Relevant topics are the only route to valuable content.

Valuable content, on the other hand, is what major search engines now consider when ranking websites in organic search results. So you can see how vital topic generation is to authority blog profits.

Creating Blogposts

Blogpost creation is vital in getting your blog to become popular. Blogposts form a greater part of the content on all blogs. And valuable content is the heart of any blog which must succeed.

You will hardly succeed as an authority blogger if you are unable to create great blog posts.

They are the reason people come to your blog, they are the reason such visitors stay for long, they are the reason visitors sign up to your list, they are the part of your blog people share most on social media.

If we are to keep listing what blogposts are, we might not write any other thing right up to the end of this article.

Considering Blogging Platforms

You can now see how long we have traveled through several steps and stages before, we arrived at what most people initially think is the only prerequisite for blogging success.

After all the considerations above have been fully ironed out, it is then time to choose a blogging platform and begin actual blogging.

There are many blogging software and platforms out there you can choose from. Each has its own unique features, advantages, and benefits.

Good research in relation to your blogging needs and goals will reveal which platform will be best for you.

In concluding, blogging and succeeding at it is not as hard as some people want you to believe.

It is not as easy as others want you to believe either. It is just a matter of doing the right things at the right time.

If you´re new I will recommend starting with Affilorama free membership where you can find valuable tools and resources to help you follow these steps, then you are surely on your way to making money from blogging.