7 Things That Successful Online Marketers Have In Common

I have been making money online for a few years now, and during this time, I have seen a lot of gurus come and disappear. 

This made me decide to study those who were successful. I found a lot of things they do right.

Here are the seven things that successful online marketers have in common so that you can start doing them if you want to be successful. 

7 Things That Successful Online Marketers Have In Common

One thing I found common in people who fail online is that they do nothing. They will create a few pieces of content and spend a lot of time just scrolling online, and in the end, they will make nothing. 

To be successful as an online marketer, you need to model and do things that successful online marketers do. Take action, and success will follow you.

They Create Short Form Content.

Every successful online marketer or digital creator I know creates short-form content. Someone can consume This type of content in just a few seconds.

This can be content on X, a short video of less than a minute, and can be posted on TikTok, Instagram, YouTube Shorts, etc.

The reason they create this type of content is to attract a large audience, and the truth is that most people have a short attention span. 

They use this content to catch the attention of those people and send them to the second thing they do: long content.

They Create Long-Term Content.

Every successful online marketer I know has a long content channel; people consume content online by watching (Videos), reading (articles), or listening (audio).

All successful online marketers have at least one of these: A YouTube channel (for videos), A Blog ( for articles), or A Podcast ( for audio). Some have all three, and most of them have at least two.

This is the space where they use to elaborate their ideas. They give their audience a summary of your content with short content; those who want an explanation can click a link and go to their long-form content.

They Have A Newsletter.

If you follow any successful online marketer, you will find out that they have an option form where you can join their newsletter.

They will offer you something valuable for free so that you can join their newsletter, and they will start sending you emails with tips and promoting their products and sometimes affiliate products.

They Use Email Marketing.

Every online marketer or digital creator uses email marketing. Some send emails daily, some very few days, and some on a specific day.

I subscribed to some of them; for example, I receive emails from Russell Brunson every single day, read them, and receive an email from Justin Welsh every Saturday.

All those email have some valuable information but also contain promotion to products and services, this is how they make money, if you want to make money online you need to do the same.

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They are the brands.

All successful online marketers are brands. Look at Dan Koe, Justin Welsh, or Russell Brunson; all have personal social media accounts with their names, images, and original post content.

You are the brand; if you want to make it online, you need to show up to give your brand a face and personality, and only you can do that.

Do not hide behind the computer; let people know and trust you; they will buy from you.

They have a blog.

There is a misconception that blogging is dead. Yes, it is probably not the same as ten years ago, but every successful online marketer has a blog, and even Grant Cardone has a blog.

Writing is one of the most important skills you can learn and use to make money online. If you want to Tweet, you will have to write it first.

If you want to create a video, you will need to write the script first, if you want to record an audio, guess what, you need to write it first.

Having a blog can help you improve your reasoning and articulate your ideas, and as a bonus, it can bring prospects and customers.

Another thing I figured out is that most people trust people who have a blog; this shows an authority in a topic.

You can host your blog or use platforms like medium.com to write articles and post your content there.

You can learn how to create your blog here.

They have a product or service.

To make money online, you need to sell a service or product. Every successful online marketer I know has a product or service to promote.

This could be their product or service, or they promote as affiliates. The mistake I see a lot of beginner marketers make is that they post all these great tips, but they do not have any offers, and their audience will end up buying from other people.

You can create a simple video or PDF and use WarriorPlus or Gumroad to sell it; with time and experience, you can create better and more expensive products.

It is better to make one sale for a $10 product per day than to make zero, just posting content for engagements and followers.

Final words

Those are seven things that successful online marketers have in common, and my suggestion is that if you want to be successful online, you will need to start doing most of them.

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