7 Big Mistakes New Affiliate Marketers Make

Most people who try to make money online make zero money and fail. Chances are quite high that you will fail. I know this is what you don’t get from the typical affiliate marketing guidebook, but this is reality.

According to statistics, more than 90% of people fail, but this does not have to be you; that is why, in this post, I am going to share with you seven big mistakes new affiliate marketers make so that you can avoid them.

7 Big Mistakes New Affiliate Marketers Make

Be aware of the seven big mistakes new affiliate marketers make in the affiliate game so you can do things differently.

At the very least, if you understand why they fail, you will be able to spot the warning signs regarding your affiliate marketing efforts.

Reason #1: No niche selection strategy

If you do not use a well-designed niche selection process, do not be shocked if the niche you pick is a loser.

Maybe it gets a lot of traffic, maybe it gets a lot of media attention, but for some reason or another, you’re not making any money out of it.

Your websites pull a lot of traffic, but few people convert. Worst yet, people might convert, but you don’t make much money from the conversions.

Something is wrong, and if you do a postmortem on your business, it may be because you did not have a credible, tried, and proven niche selection strategy getting out of the gate. You built your business on sand instead of rock.

Reason #2: Bad niche selection strategy

Just as bad as having no niche selection strategy is a bad niche selection strategy. What is a bad selection strategy? Well, it can mean you use “expert” niche recommendations.

This is a serious problem because it’s very easy for us to think that if a person is an expert or a recognized authority, they would know what would work for them.

But here’s the problem: they’re not you. They’re not living your life. They don’t have your particular set of circumstances. They don’t have your particular collection of needs. They’re living their own life.

So, their decision regarding the “best” niche for them probably will not fit you. They can recommend a “winner,” but it often turns out that they do so well with that niche because it fits them.

It doesn’t necessarily follow that that niche will fit you. You have no business automatically copying and pasting their niche recommendation. You have to have a niche selection strategy that makes sense as far as your needs are concerned.

Reason #3: Trendy niches

Just because many people are excited about a niche doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to jump in. It may well turn out that this niche is short-lived.

This is especially true for everybody promoting that niche. You might want to research the demand curve and sustainability of the demand for a trendy niche. Otherwise, you might end up holding an empty bag.

Reason #4: No unique selling proposition

Many affiliate marketers fail because they put up website after website that doesn’t offer anything new.

People interested in their niche always ask themselves, why am I on this website when I can get the same stuff from other websites I get here? Why go here?

You have no unique selling proposition if you cannot answer that question. Your website, as a practical matter, is not going to succeed.

Reason #5: No independent affiliate branding effort

A lot of failed affiliate marketers share a common trait. They have websites that promote an affiliate product.

They didn’t bother creating a specific brand for themselves. They create website after website, pushing a particular affiliate product and leaving it at that.

Unsurprisingly, when people no longer search for that affiliate product, they have no incentive to search for the websites these marketers have put up. These websites end up dying.

Reason #6: Instant millionaire mindset

If you automatically think that you’re going to be a millionaire the next time you put up an online venture, that may be why you’re failing. Affiliate marketing is a marathon. It is a long-term game.

The industry itself does not help that much; most of the products you will find in this space will promise you to make a lot of money in just a few clicks, which is why most people believe that. I have a bad message for you: it is not a get-rich-quick scheme.

It is something that you have to stick to for a long time. It is a commitment. It is not a sprint.

If you have an instant millionaire mindset, you might not remain interested or passionate long enough to see your venture succeed.

Reason #7: Unwillingness to invest

I have met people who can not invest $10 for a domain name for the entire year and can not invest $10 per month for hosting, and yet they want to make money online.

Yes, you can make money online for free, but if you want to make this work, you will need to invest in some tools and education.

If you are only willing to spend spare or chump change on your business, don’t be too shocked to discover that it’s only capable of producing chump change. You reap what you sow.

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Final word

Those are seven big mistakes new affiliate marketers make, and you need to avoid them if you want to succeed online. Please click the banner below to learn more about making money online and creating passive income.

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