5 Steps To Change Your Income

Everyone has a moment when they feel nothing is working in their favor. You may be stuck in a job you do not like, but you can not quit because your online business is not generating enough income to sustain your lifestyle.

If you are not making the amount of money you want to make. I will share five steps to change your income. These steps took me from being broke to generating passive income online.

5 Steps To Change Your Income

Sadly, I know many people who are struggling financially. They do not know when their next paycheck will come. When you see their message, it is because they are looking for a handout.

It is not bad to ask for help, but if you want to change the situation, you must take charge of your life.

It does not matter where you live. These steps will change your financial situation in 6 to 12 months.

Share Your Gifts to the World

Everyone has something they can do without thinking or using a lot of effort. If you know what it is, you can start there.

If you do not know your gift, you can choose anything you are interested in, spend one week learning it, and start sharing it online with other people.

This can be any talent, like dancing, cooking, singing, or workouts, or a skill, like writing, copywriting, or affiliate marketing.

If you like taking videos, you can create an Instagram account, TikTok, or a YouTube channel. If you are like me and prefer to write, you can create a Twitter account or a blog.

The idea here is to create a free social media account and use it to share your talents with the world. Many people will start to follow you, and you can leverage your social media account to make money.

One of the ways to make money with your audience can be.

  1. Brand deals.
  2. Affiliate marketing
  3. Display ads.
  4. Selling digital products.
  5. Creating your courses.

The options are limitless. If you want my help to make money from your talents, please contact me using the form below, and I can help you.

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Stop hanging out with losers.

This was a difficult one for me. I have many friends from childhood, primary school, graduate school, and others I met in different life stages.

The problem with having many friends is that they all want a part of you. Some will want to go with them for a drink, and some will go out to chase girls/boys.

Everyone will want you to do something unproductive with them and cut them out.

This doesn’t sound very good, but if you want to improve your financial situation, you must find friends who share your goals.

Find friends who want to start a business, friends who want to invest, grow, learn more, and become financially free.

Remove distractions 

We live a life with a lot of drama. I used to watch a soccer game, spend hours arguing with strangers online, watch highlights of the same game I had just watched, and then argue with strangers online all over again.

It is the same whether you watch soccer games, movies, TV shows, video games, or live TV shows. 

All of these have one thing in common: They distract you, they take time that you could use to create something, share your talent with the world, and change your financial status.

Find alone time

There is something about being alone. I do not want to tell you that you should always be alone, but find 10 to 20 minutes a day to sit alone and stare at the computer or a wall without doing anything.

This will give you time to reflect on what you do and how things are going, and this is when you will generate most of your impactful ideas.

Try it: Sit down for 10 to 20 minutes a day, let your mind wander, and you will see how great ideas start to flow; this was a true game-changer for me.

Believe that you can and you will

Muhammad Ali, one of the greatest boxers in history, was known for saying, “What you’re thinking is what you’re becoming.” That attitude helped him become what he was and will serve you well, too.

Most of the time, people don’t pay attention to the thoughts they hold in their heads.

If you have a victim mentality and think you can not make money online or will always be broke, guess what? You will become that.

I have a friend from Kenya; his English is worse than mine; he started a Twitter page and posted every day at least three times a day.

He made $0 for ten months, but my friend believed he would one day make it. In the eleventh month, he got his first customer, who paid him $500. That was his first income in about a year. 

Now, he is making $12000+ per month. Do you know how insane it is to make that money in a third-world country? The secret is that he did not give up and shared what he knew with others.

This does not mean that if you start today, you will make the same amount of money. It means you will eventually make it if you take action and do not give up.

Key Takeaways: 5 Steps To Change Your Income

  1. Share Your Gifts to the World
  2. Stop hanging out with losers.
  3. Remove distractions 
  4. Find alone time
  5. Believe that you can and you will

If you want to learn how we make money online, please watch this free training.