10 Tips to Increase Your Affiliate Sales As A Blogger

Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest ways to make money from your blog. Even though it is easy to start with affiliate marketing, most bloggers do not make sales as they would like. Here are my top 10 tips to increase your affiliate sales as a blogger.

10 Tips to Increase Your Affiliate Sales As A Blogger

Starting a blog is easy. Anyone can do it. I can start a new blog and set everything up in less than 8 minutes.

The problem is that most bloggers I know make little to no money online. Here are ten tips to increase affiliate sales as a blogger.

Write for Buyer’s Intent

Before you write a single word, you need to figure out the reader’s intent, what they want to know, and what they can accomplish after reading your blog.

Do they want to buy the product? Do they want the information to learn more about the topic? Or are they just doing research for their homework?

Knowing this will help you create content that will resonate with the readers and eventually make them take action. Remember, a confused person never takes action.

How-to content

If your blog is new, you can start with How-to content. This type of content is for people who want to learn how to do something.

For example, How to start a blog, build an email list, increase sales, etc.

In this case, you need to create content showing your readers step-by-step how to do something; these steps can be included in your affiliate links.

Best or comparison content

When someone searches for the best autoresponders for beginners, they may know they need one and be willing to invest in one.

In this type of content, your job is to create an argument about why you think a certain autoresponder is the best for beginners and send them to get that autoresponder using your affiliate link.

Another content you can create is comparison content, which is when you compare two or more products.

The good thing about this type of content is that you can make money from all the products you compare( if you like them).

For example, I can write a blog post on Aweber vs. Converkit, compare the two autoresponders and their pros and cons, and then, at the end, recommend Aweber for beginners or affiliate marketers and Convertkit for content creators, adding links to both products.

Here is an example where I compare Cloudways and Siteground.


When people search for a product review, it means they are ready to buy; they need an honest opinion from someone who has used the product to make their final decision. 

For example, here is my Siteground review.

The color of your links matters.

One mistake I have seen many bloggers make is using the same color for their content and links. Make sure the color of the text is different from the color of your links.

Another day, I watched a video from a famous blogger. She was talking about how you should always have the color of the affiliate links in contrast to your text color.

She explained a reason for it, but for me, the blue links always converted the best in my blogs.

Blue links convert the best, as we’re trained to believe that links are meant to be blue. So keep things simple and stick to blue links.

Use Buttons & Comparison Tables

Using buttons within your blog posts and comparison tables drives better conversion rates when using affiliate marketing.

If your post is about starting an online business, create a button below your description so the user can easily click and view that hotel. Again, keep the button color blue.


Make sure the button is clickable by adding an affiliate link.

I created this button using a free online tool called Clickminded. You can get it for free at: https://www.clickminded.com/button-generator/

If you are going to compare products at the end, include a comparison table that will summarize each product and then add an affiliate link to each product.

Target High Ticket Offers

The quickest way to make an affiliate commission is to promote high-ticket affiliate offers. These offers are sold for $500+ if you are in a make-money-online niche.

Imagine writing a blog post about a product sold for $1000. They pay you 50% of that, which means you will make $500 per sale.

To make $10K monthly, you must sell 20 units of this product. If you sell a $10 product, you must make 1000 sales to make the same amount. It is easier to make 20 sales than 1000, no matter the product’s price.

Finding a product that will pay you $500 per sale in some niches is difficult.

For those niches, I would find a product that pays me at least $100 per sale and make it my main product to promote.

Create a Mobile-Responsive Speed-Optimized Website

It is important to have a fast and mobile-responsive website. People will not wait for your blog to load forever; they will click away and buy from other blogs.

Here, I explain why the speed of your blog matters.

To have a fast-loading blog, you need three things.

For fast hosting, I use wpx.

For a theme, I use Generatepress, which is a fast and responsive theme.

And for optimized images, I use tinypng.com

Build an Email List

Building an email list is a cheat code for making money from your blog. You can offer people something for free, such as a checklist, audio, video, or simple PDF, but it must solve your audience’s problem.

You offer that thing in exchange for their email address. When you get their email address, you first deliver whatever you promised them, and then you use that email to send them promotions, your content, recommendations, etc. In those emails, you can include affiliate links.

If they buy, you make money.

To build your email list, you need an autoresponder. The one I use is Convertkit.

Here, I explain how to turn your blog into a list-building machine.

Use Multiple Affiliate Programs

I said that you need a high ticket offer to make faster commissions. The only issue is that one affiliate program is insufficient. You need other affiliate programs that complement the main one.

For example, suppose you are promoting a high-end course on making money online.

In that case, you can complement it by promoting tools people need to make money online, like Autoresponders, Hosting, etc.

This will diversify your income and ensure the affiliate commission keeps coming in no matter what happens to your main affiliate program.

Be Transparent

People are not stupid. They know you make money if they purchase anything through your affiliate link. You need to be honest and transparent about this.

Also, the law requires you to disclose if you profit from anything you promote. Failing to do so can land you in hot water.

Here is why you need an affiliate disclosure.

There are many ways to disclose that you make money from affiliate links. One way is to add a page that discloses you as an affiliate. You will make money if they buy through your affiliate link.

You need to put this page on every page of your blog. People need to see it without clicking anything on your blog.

The second way is to add the word (affiliate) before or after each affiliate link in your blog post.

Stay Up-To-Date With Industry Trends

Technology changes, people change, and there is always a new trend. Make sure that you stay up to date with trends in your industry.

If there is major news in your industry, write about it and post it in your blog or send it to your email list. People tend to search for trendy topics.

If it is something that you can monetize, add affiliate links to the content and earn money from it.

Create great content

All those tips I shared will not work if no one wants to read your content. Creating great content will ensure that search engines recommend it and that humans read and share it.

Your content should contain personal experience, well-researched information, actionable tips, and stories. People will enjoy reading your blog and buying from you.


FAQ: 10 Tips to Increase Your Affiliate Sales As A Blogger

How can I grow faster in affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing can take time, but you’ll grow faster by testing different channels and identifying the best ways to connect with your target audience.

Can you make $100 a day with affiliate marketing?

You can make $100 a day, achievable with the right strategies and consistent effort. However, setting realistic expectations is important, especially if you’re starting.

Key takeaways: 10 Tips to Increase Your Affiliate Sales As A Blogger

Here are the ten tips to increase your affiliate sales as a blogger.

  1. Write for Buyer’s Intent
  2. The color of your links matters.
  3. Use Buttons & Comparison Tables
  4. Target High Ticket Offers
  5. Create a Mobile-Responsive Speed-Optimized Website
  6. Build an Email List
  7. Use Multiple Affiliate Programs
  8. Be Transparent
  9. Stay Up-To-Date With Industry Trends
  10. Create great content

If you want to learn how to create a blog that makes you money, please click here.