10 Reasons To Host Your Niche Site With Cloudways

I recently decided to try Cloudways to host some of my niche blogs. I fell in love with their services, and in this post, I will share ten reasons to host your niche site with Cloudways.

I recently decided to try Cloudways to host some of my niche blogs. I fell in love with their services, and in this post, I will share ten reasons why you should host your niche site with Cloudways.

What is Cloudways?

CloudWays is a cloud hosting platform that offers fast, reliable, and cheap hosting services.

When I heard about them for the first time, I thought it was too good to be true, but after using their services for a month now, I can tell you they are that good.

10 Reasons To Host Your Niche Site With Cloudways

Reason #1: Multiple Copies.

Since CloudWays is a cloud hosting platform, the data on your niche site or website is hosted on multiple servers.

So, if the primary server fails, copies of the other servers immediately come to the rescue, minimizing downtime.

This will make your site up most of the time. Imagine writing a lot of content, and your site is down most of the time, and people can not get access to your content. Good hosting is a cheat code for your niche site’s success. 

Reason #2: Easy automated Backups.

Unlike shared hosting companies, Cloudways will save backups of your site in the cloud. You will always have a copy of your site ready to restore your data.

This feature is helpful in many ways. For example, if hackers manage to infect your site, you can log in to your Cloudways account and restore one of the many backups they have for you.

This will give you peace of mind knowing that your blog is safe, and in case of any catastrophic event, you will have the backup ready to restore it with a few clicks.

Reason #3 Easy Migration.

Cloudways make it very easy to migrate your WordPress blog to their platform. They offer a free migration service if you are a paying member (they do not offer this service when you’re in a trial period).

Also, they offer a free plugin that you can use to migrate your site to their hosting platform very easily and quickly. 

I always use the free plugin to migrate my site to Cloudways, and I have never had a single issue. This is a great tool for people who are not tech-savvy.

Reason #4: Unlimited Applications.

You can host unlimited applications on their hosting. Of course, this depends on the amount of traffic your applications receive.

I host my two niche blogs with their cheapest hosting option, and I never had any issues (honestly, they are relatively new and have not yet started getting massive traffic).

When writing this, I have 35 applications in just one hosting account. I pay just $11 per month. Although I do not recommend having this many niche sites, you can do it with Cloudways.

Reason #4: Unlimited Applications.

Reasons #5: Scaling is easy.

This is the most attractive feature of their web hosting service. If you anticipate that you will have a spike in traffic or you are going to buy traffic, you can use more resources by just moving the slide ruler. 

After the campaign, you can use the same slide ruler to go back to your standard plan, and they will charge you for the few hours you used more resources. For me, that is very cool.

This is very useful. When you are just starting, you will not get many visitors to your site, so you do not need to pay more, but when you get more visitors and hopefully make more money, you can slide the ruler and get more resources.

Reason #6: Pay as you go.

Most hosting companies, even my favorite WPXhosting, will make you pay for the whole plan, even if it is a brand-new blog.

With Cloudways hosting company, you pay monthly for the resources you use. You can start with their cheapest plan, which is $11 per month, and you will not be tied to a hosting plan for a year or more like in other companies.

When you get more traffic or want more resources, you can move the scale to the number of resources you want and click on the scale now. They will ask you if you are sure, and you will instantly have the new plan.

Reason #6: Pay as you go

Reason #7: Security.

Cloudways is one of the most secure hosting companies. Each CloudWays server is independent of prioritizing security, but they work together to provide an excellent service.

I have been with Cloudways for more than a year now, and I never had my application hacked even once, this is a breath of fresh air compared to the cheap hosting I had before.

Reason #8: Dedicated resources.

The resources you pay in Cloudways are yours alone. You can use them as much as you want, unlike in many hosting companies where you share resources with other people and hence impact the performance of your blog. With Cloudways, your hosting performance will never be affected.

Reason #9: Superfast loading time.

fast loading

I hosted my blogs in all the hosting services you might know, including Bluehost, GVO, Hostgator, Siteground, etc. I can tell you this is the fastest Webhosting I have ever hosted for my blog (similar to WPXhosting).

This cloud hosting company offers the fastest servers on the market, so blogs or web pages load quickly. In addition, this cloud hosting company provides premium CDN services.

People have a lower concentration span these days, it is estimated on average a human being can concentrate for less than 8 seconds, so if your niche site takes more than that time to load, they will just click off and you will never see them again. You need faster hosting for a fast-loading niche site.

Reason # 10: Cheap

As I said, the cheapest hosting plan is $11, which is very affordable compared to the competition.

For example, Bluehost offers you $2.95 per month only if you pay three years upfront, which is too long, and then their regular price is $11.99 per month, which is more expensive than the $11 you pay with Cloudways.

They do not do a backup for you, you do not have a dedicated server, and your blog will take forever to load.


Final words

Those are ten reasons why you should host your blog with Cloudways. It is one of the best and fastest hosting solutions out there. If you have a blog or want to start one, this will be my recommendation.