Who is Information Marketer?

Today I got a question who is an Information Marketer

This was my answer.

An information marketer is that guy or girl who markets information.  We distribute information.  We relay information.

We operate on the Internet (The Information Super Highway!).  We are marketers who distribute information to those who WANT that information (niche).

Where is the information found?  Everywhere!  It’s free all over the place too!  So, why sell it?  You sell it because people buy it, that’s why.  You find a place where people are buying all sorts of stuff and you just get in the way of all that money being spent.

You can collect a ton of free articles online about a specific topic.  I copied them, pasted them into a PDF and sell it online.

People will buy it because you did the hard work of finding the information packaging and organizing it, people will pay a  good amount of money for organized information.

Think about this, why do we go to school and pay a lot of money for it? The answer is simple we pay for the organized information, you could buy those books and teach yourself anything but still we go to school, it is the same with online information business.

As an information marketer, you should know that you have access to tons of information.  It’s all over the place.  You can simply research a topic, master it, and sell it!

Just make sure it’s a topic where tons of people are already buying.  Sell what they are already buying.  Sell what they are buying right now.  Find out what people are buying… and go sell that to them.

If do you want to learn how to sell information online there a no better place than from the guys who own the largest information product retail on the world, I mean Clickbank. 

Who is Information Marketer?