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Wayfair Affiliate Program-How To Make $100 a Day

Wayfair Affiliate Program-How To Make $100 a Day

There are many affiliate programs out there that can help you to make a living online. Today, we are going to review the Wayfair affiliate program.

We will look at what you should expect from them, how to sign up with them, and how to make money promoting them.

What is Wayfair?

Wayfair is one of the largest online retailers of home goods. They claim to have more than 2 million products in their database, which is enormous.

If your niche involves kitchen, furniture, lighting, garden, pets, or other items related to your home or outdoor spaces, you can find to promote from them.

Commission Junction runs its affiliate program, so there are excellent marketing support materials, and you don’t need to worry about timely payments.

But can you make money as a Wayfair affiliate? Let’s take a look.

How do I become a Wayfair affiliate?

Wayfair’s warehouses are in the US, Canada, the UK, Ireland, and Germany. They do not offer international shipping, so if you want to become an affiliate, your audience needs to be in those countries.

Previously handled by ShareASale, the Wayfair affiliate program is now hosted by CJ Affiliate.

To be part of the affiliate program, you have to sign up with CJ as a publisher where, aside from Wayfair, you can also promote its sister companies, such as Joss and Maine Affiliate Program, Birch Lane, and All Modern.

For US citizens, nexus tax laws prevent partners from several states from joining the affiliate program. These states are:

Wayfair Affiliate Program Application

To apply to this affiliate program, you must meet some requirements. Wayfair affiliate program is one of the strictest programs out there, so before applying to it, ensure you have a fully functioning website that meets the following criteria.


1) Have a URL and website.

It would be best to have a fully working URL and a blog. If you do not have this, they will reject your application. If you do not have a blog, you can start one here.

2) Have a good amount of traffic and content.

Having a blog is not good enough. You need to have high-quality content in it, and you need to have some traffic going to your blog.

3) Focus on relevant content.

Your blog needs to have content that is relevant to Wayfair. Since this company is about decor, you must produce content around this niche. This can be general information, reviews, or buying guides.

4) List all sites you will promote from.

If you have other sites, you will use them to promote their affiliate programs. You will need to let them know.

If you’re going to use social media, my recommendation is to send people from social media to your blog and redirect them to

5) Provide a detailed description of your audience and marketing plans.

You must describe your audience and marketing plan; do not leave anything by chance.


These are sites you should never submit while applying for their affiliate program.

1) No comparison price sites.

If you have a site that compares items, do not submit it; they will reject your application without thinking.

2) No coupon, cashback, voucher, or other reward for purchase sites.

This is called incentive marketing. They do not allow it or submit sites that incentivize the customers.

3) No controversial sites (Politics, religion, sex, drugs, etc.).

If you write about controversial topics like politics, religion, and vaccines, do not apply to this program. They will not accept your site.

Wayfair Affiliate Program Commission

Wayfair has a 7% commission, a little less than Amazon’s 8% on furniture, but do not forget that Amazon has only 24-hour cookies while Wayfair has a seven-day referral period.

If someone with a Wayfair Pro account orders via your link, you are not eligible for commission.

How To Make $100 a Day With The Wayfair Affiliate Program

Find the product

Wayfair affiliate program is more about the home decor niche. Now, after you get accepted to the program, you need to find a product to promote.

You can list all the products you need for home decor, for example, beds, furniture, etc. Just list them and move to the next step.

Figure out how people are searching for products in your niche.

Now you have a list of products, you are not going door to door to recommend them. We use the internet.

Pick one product from your list and Google it. Scrow at the bottom, figure out what people are asking, and note those questions.

Also, you can go to and search for your product in the search bar to check out what questions people ask about blenders. Copy those questions in a notepad.

Another way to find what people seek is using tools like Semrush. They offer a free trial; you only need to put your product name on the search bar.

This will bring a lot of terms that people are looking at online. Click on the keyword magic tool and select all ( or just questions).

This tool will bring all the terms people use to search for products online. You can click on the KD column to have the easiest keyword first ( the lower the number, the better).

You can get keyword ideas here:

For example, I found the keyword black patio furniture in this list. I put this word into the Semrush keyword tool ( you can use any keyword tool).

Select the keyword related to what you want to do and go to the next step.

Create a blog/YouTube channel.

Now you know what you will be posting online, you can create a blog, a YouTube channel, or both.

You will post all the content we create in the next step.

To create a blog, please click here.

To create a YouTube channel, please click here.

Create content.

Here is where things start to get interesting; now you have the words that people look online for the product.

Go back to Notepad or Excel sheet and pick one phrase people use to search for the product online.

If we return to the same example, one of the keywords was Back patio furniture. 

You can create a video or write a blog post about back patio furniture and, ultimately, recommend an affiliate product (the back patio furniture). Just remember to add your affiliate link.

The price is $349.99, almost $25 per sale (at a 7% commission rate). If you sell 4 of these per day, you are at a $100 daily income.

At first, you will not have affiliate links, so you need to create your channel or a blog post, have some content on it, and when you start getting visitors, apply for the Wayfair affiliate program and if you get approved, go back to the content, and add the link.

Repeat this until you write about all the keywords you have for the first product, then go to the next, then to the next, until you write about all the products ( at this point, you should be making more than $100 a day).

The process is simple: write about what people are already searching for, point them to the related product using your affiliate link, and collect the commissions.

You can learn the entire process in a free webinar by clicking here.

What if you wrote about all the products?

You have two options: move to other products or pick a new niche, create a new blog, and do it all over again.

Wayfair affiliate program is recommended for:

  • Content-driven Home design, home improvement, and house management websites.
  • Buying guides sites.
  • Bloggers.

Pros and Cons — Wayfair Affiliate Program.

In this section, I will share the pros and cons of this affiliate program.


Dedicated in-house affiliate management.

You will get a dedicated affiliate manager who can assist you in the whole process and provide the materials to help you make money.

 Strong Partner in CJ Affiliate.

CJ affiliate network is one of the most reputable affiliate networks out there. They will track your links and commissions and always pay you commissions on time.

 Over ten million products.

You will have a lot of options to promote. If one of the products does not sell that well to your audience, you can always choose another product from their website.

 Datafeed of 1 million products.

Another important thing is that you will have access to more than 1 million data feeds, which will help you create content from the analytical data point of view and increase your income.

Average order sizes of $300

The average order size at is $300 if you get a 7% commission of at least $21 per sale. You can make more than $ 3,000 monthly if you make five sales daily.

Another benefit of being accepted to the Wayfair affiliate program is that you are automatically enrolled in the programs of their sister sites …

  • Joss & Main
  • AllModern
  • Birch Lane


 It can be not easy to get approved.

For me, the main disadvantage of joining the Wayfair affiliate program is that it can be challenging to get approved. This is a stumbling block for many new affiliates.

My advice with this is that you start a blog, work on it, and create content. After three months, when you begin to get some traffic, go on and apply to this program. If they do not accept you, keep improving your site and try again.

It is not a beginner’s friend.

If you are a complete beginner, I will advise you to stay away from this program and concentrate on creating your presence online first, and then when you have traction, you can apply.

Check out free training on making passive income online with just five steps.

What is the Best Alternative to the Wayfair Affiliate Program

While the Wayfair affiliate program is prominent, alternative programs are available, depending on your niche and preferences. Some popular alternatives include:

Amazon Associates.

Amazon offers a vast product range and competitive commissions.

CJ Affiliate (formerly Commission Junction).

CJ Affiliate partners with numerous brands, offering diverse options for affiliates.


ShareASale provides access to a variety of merchants across different industries.

eBay Partner Network.

eBay’s affiliate program can be a suitable option, especially for those focusing on auction-style and secondhand products.


Clickbank is the best place to start your affiliate marketing journey if you want to promote digital products.

FAQ: Wayfair Affiliate Program

How much does Wayfair pay its affiliates?

Wayfair affiliates are paid 7% of the total purchase amount made by their referrals.

How long do you have to make a sale from someone who uses your affiliate link?

Wayfair has a 7-day cookie. Any purchases made in that period will be credited to you.

You will receive the commission if the customer purchases within seven days of arriving with your affiliate link.

What products are eligible for affiliate sales?

All products purchased by your referred customer at are eligible for commissions.

Does Wayfair run its affiliate program?

Wayfair’s affiliate program is managed by Commission Junction (CJ). CJ provides affiliate support and marketing materials.

Should You Become a Wayfair Affiliate?

In my opinion, Wayfair is a good affiliate program. They run their affiliate program with a very reputable CJ.

They have a flat 7% commission across all products. They also have a 7-day cookie window vs. Amazon’s 1-day cookie.

I would go for it if you are in the home or decor niche.

How to get approved to sell on Wayfair?

Wayfair is among the stricter affiliate programs, but it is worth it. To become eligible for the program, you need to satisfy the following requirements:

    • A website URL.
    • Quality content and decent traffic.
    • The website is focused on Wayfair-relevant content (i.e., home décor, furniture, and furnishing).
    • Include all sites you will use to promote Wayfair products.
    • A detailed description of your site, audience, and marketing plans.

Why join the Wayfair affiliate program?

  • Earn Up to 7 % on the sale commission rate. 
  • 28-day referral period
  • 2 Million + products in one place 
  • $300 Average order sizes

By joining the Wayfair Affiliate Program, you can access an excellent program that guarantees attractive remuneration.

Who is Wayfair affiliated with?

Wayfair is not only It also owns Joss & Main, AllModern, Perigold, and Birch Lane.

Is Wayfair a drop shipper?

Wayfair started as a dropshipping business.

They opened several (more than 250) niche websites and relied on their dropshipping suppliers to ship their products.

Can I make $100 a day with the Wayfair Affiliate program?

You can make $100 a day with the Wayfair Affiliate program. The average order size at is $300 if you get a 7% commission of at least $21 per sale. You can make more than $ 100 daily if you make five sales daily.

How do you make money with the Wayfair affiliate program without risking getting banned?

Given those limitations, here are some recommended strategies to make money from Wayfair’s Affiliate Program:

Create a niche website or social media account on home furnishings and décor to promote Wayfair products.

Key Takeaways on Wayfair Affiliate Program.

That is it. In my opinion, the Wayfair affiliate program is worth the trouble. I know it isn’t easy to get approved, but if you are willing to follow their requirement and put in the work, you can do it.

I am not in the home or decor niche but have built many niche sites. If you want my help you develop your niche site, go to

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