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How It Works- Watch This First
Not only will this free training and system show you how you can make affiliate commissions from different online marketing softwares, tools, and programs, you will also learn very important online marketing skills such as:
-setting up a landing page
-growing your email list
-sending email automation
-doing the tech needed to be visible online
-tracking your traffic
-and much more!

Not everyone gets success with this system because they quit halfway or stop sending traffic.

Most people stop putting in the work and are not adaptable to the rapid changes in technology and are just looking for a get rich quick overnight scheme. 
This is not that. 

This training will teach you how to start an online affiliate business but it is up to you to keep putting in the work to make your systems work.

It is important to watch all the videos so you do not miss any steps.
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Part 1- Set Up the Website
1. Get a FREE 2 week trial of Clickfunnels (5 minutes)
2. Import the website template (5 minutes)
3. Carefully edit disclaimers (10 minutes)

4. Get a domain from Godaddy (10 minutes) is the best option. 

5. Connect domain to Clickfunnels and set the paths (10 minutes)
(click here for detailed instructions)

6. Switch out the Clickfunnels affiliate link AND tracking codes (10 minutes)
(Remove any preexisting tracking codes such as Morevago, Facebook, or Google, etc. Check the individual pages and funnelwide settings)
Part 2- Set Up the Email Marketing
1. Create a Gsuite account for a new email address and connect with Godaddy domain (15 minutes)
2. Sign up for a Aweber Email Autoresponder (5 minutes)
3. Create list (5 minutes)
4. Set up email sequence and grab more affiliate links (45 minutes)
5. Integrate list to Clickfunnels and test (5 minutes)
Part 3- Send Traffic
Send warm (but slower) by using free, organic Social Media traffic (Facebook, Facebook Groups, Youtube, Instagram, etc)
1. Get a Udimi & Traffic4Me account and buy some clicks for fast traffic. (15 minutes)

2. Give solo ad copy and tracking link to your solo ad provider (10 minutes)
3. Get a Clickmagick account & make a tracking link for your solo ad provider (15 minutes)
This is for tracking your stats when you start sending traffic so you know who the best Solo ad provider is.

4. Try Youtube, Facebook, Instagram (Ongoing)
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Results not typical for the average user. The average person looking to make money online does not succeed because they do not put in the work. Also the work does not guarantee results. If you are looking for a get rich quick overnight scheme, this is NOT it.

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