ClickBank Account Disabled-6 Steps on How to Fix it

By Seki Hudson

April 27, 2023

One of my scariest moments as a Clickbank affiliate was when I received a message that my account was disabled, just after I logged in, in this article I am going to give you three reasons why your account might be disabled and I will share the quickest way to solve your new ClickBank account disabled issue.

Why is my Clickbank Account Disabled?

Clickbank may disable your account for various reasons, but in my experience, these are the 3 reasons why Clickbank might disable your account.

1) If you are from Clickbank banned countries

2) Low IP Score

3) Low-quality account

You are from a Clickbank banned country 

Clickbank has a list of countries that can not buy or sell anything on Clickbank, the main reason for this is that there are a lot of fraudulent activities from those countries.

Sadly is that most third-world countries enter this category, if you are from Asia, Africa, and some South American countries you can not promote products from Clickbank.

Some people use VPN and create their Clickbank accounts from Clickbank-accepted countries, this might work for some time but if they detect that, they will disable your account immediately and you will lose all your money in your account.

Workaround if you are from a Clickbank banned country

Sadly there is no workaround for this, people will tell you to use VPN or someone who lives in a Clickbank accepted country, but my recommendation is don’t.

You are in business and you need to have control of your money, just find a different alternative. 

Low IP Score

Every time you visit a website online they leave a cookie on your PC, so if somehow you visit a lot of websites that are considered malicious like Porn sites, hacking sites, malware sites, and so on, these sites will leave a cookie in the browser in your computer and this will lower your IP score.

If you try to create a Clickbank account from the same browser, Clickbank will analyze the browser and if they find all those cookies, they will deem your IP address as unsafe one and disable your account just after signup.


If you’re from a country that can create a Clickbank account and still get this message probably this is the cause, the workaround is to clean the browser and delete all the cookies and try to create an account again using a different email address.

Low-quality account

To be honest, this does not happen a lot, but it can happen. It happened to one of my friends a few years ago.

If there are a lot of refunds on your account, Clickbank will investigate, and if they find out that all the sales and refunds are from the same IP they will disable your account and you will lose any commission you had.

They do this to avoid some shade affiliates who buy products from their own links, download digital products and ask for a refund.


My recommendation to avoid this situation is to only promote high-quality products and avoid buying and refunding products using your own affiliate link.

ClickBank Account Disabled-6 Steps on How to Fix it

What ClickBank Require to Approve Your Account

ClickBank needs to confirm these things to be able to let you on their platform, here they are:

  1.  First, you need to be living in one of the ClickBank-approved countries;
  1. Then, you need to provide a valid passport and proof of address, so they can confirm your identity and location.

How Do You Get Approved By ClickBank to Open a New Account?

  • Step 1:  Go to the ClickBank support page to send them a message by clicking the link below;

  • Step 2: Then, fill in the email address of your disabled ClickBank account at the top here.



Step 3: Fill in the subject of the email, you can do this by telling them exactly what the message is about.

Make sure that Clickbank knows exactly why you are contacting them.


Step 4: Now, tell them in detail your issue, here is an example you can use.


I just tried creating an account from my home country of [Insert your country], and when I completed my profile with my business name & tax ID number.

I was told my account was immediately disabled. I did some research and saw that this could be an attempt to prevent fraud.

Is there any way I can further prove my identity and/or location so I can have an opportunity to participate in this platform?


Your name

Step 5: Under the type of question, you’re going to select “Blocked from creating an account/ making purchases”. And your nickname is not necessary here.


Step 6: Now, you can upload your necessary documents and submit them. Once ClickBank sees that you’re legit, they’re going to send you an email apologizing and then welcoming you back into their platform.




We have seen why your was ClickBank account disabled, and we went through the steps on how you can contact Clickbank and ask them to enable your account.

There is no guarantee that ClickBank would allow you into their platform but give it a  shot. If they can not let you in please consider promoting products from other platforms.

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