Why Am I Not Making Money Online? How to Build Trust with Readers

So you started your online business, you build a website and you´re not making any money and you don´t know why, in this blog post, I am going to answer the questions on your mind: “Why am I not making money online” and “Why isn’t my website converting?”

Why Am I Not Making Money Online? How to Build Trust with Readers

You don´t have a plan

If you are not making money online, probably is because you don’t have idea how online works, like anything in life you need to have a goal you want to reach and have an action plan to reach that goal, you need to know each step you need to take in order to reach where you want to be.

How to fix this.

You need a plan, I am sure now you know that, but how you can create a plan if you don´t have any idea how this business is done? You find someone who has done what do you want to achieve and model what they are doing.

There is a program called One Funnel Away  Challenge, they laid a foundation and a road map that can help anyone who is new to this online business to succeed with 30 days. It is an action-packed step by step training, I will recommend it as your starting point.

You don’t have a mentor

This point is related to the first one, you will need a mentor, a person who had success on what you want to achieve so that they can give you their blueprint and you can model it, someone, you can ask questions when you are stuck.

How to fix it

I will recommend again to give a try the One Funnel Away challenge, in this challenge not only that you will get a plan on how to succeed but also you will get Russel and his team teaching you every single day how to grow your online business.

You’re not building your list

If you have been trying to make money online for more than a day, I am sure that someone already told you ´the money is in the list´. You need to start collecting emails from people who are interested in your services and products and start building a relationship with them.

How to fix this.

If you’re new and you don’t know where to start I will recommend downloading the free freedom funnel that will give you the foundation on how to build your online business, you can download it here.

Build a relationship with your list

They say ‘the money is in the list’ yes, it is true but it is not the whole truth, the money is in the relationship with your list.

You need to stop treating your list as a cash cow, you need to treat them as people who have problems and need your help to solve them, send them useful information that can help them and in long run they will trust you and buy products and services you recommend.

How to fix this

Start sending emails to your list, giving them value and be helpful.

You’re not giving value

Online marketing is about giving people value, give people who follow you good tips and advice that can help them.

In order to give value you don’t have to be an expert, just be resourceful, sometimes when I get a question about something only thing I do is just to google it and give people the answer they seek, you need to be adding value to your prospects.

How to fix this.

Learn more about your niche, the more you learn the more helpful and valuable you will become.

You’re not taking action

Most people just never take action, let say you have a mentor, a plan and a funnel, but if you don’t take action you will never build your list you will never build a relationship with your list and you will never make money online, it is that simple.

How to fix this.

It is simple to take action, do things that your mentor recommended to do, each and every day do something that will help your business to grow.

Final words

Those are the reasons why you are not making money online, so when you have questions like “Why am I not making money online” or “Why isn’t my website converting?”, come back here and read this article again. Also, I explained how to build trust with readers (prospects).

I hope they helped you somehow, thank you for reading my post. If you have any questions let me know and I will do my best to help you out.


Where to start your affiliate marketing business?

Today I got this question on my twitter dm, where do I start if I am new at affiliate marketing business? In this short post I am going to share with you where do you need to start and the 3 things you need to do in order to start your own affiliate marketing business.

Where to start your affiliate marketing business?

Find the starving crowd.

This is the step that most people especially beginners mess up, the first thing you should do before you start your affiliate business is to find the starving crowd.

This is what I mean, you need to find people with a burning problem and you as an entrepreneur your job is to find a solution and provide it to them.

In daily life people have problems with their weight, they want to make more money, they want to start a business, they want to feel better, they want to find love, they want to learn a new language, etc.

Choose a product that solves their problem

This is a business and as a business owner you need to be able to solve your customer’s problems, depending on the group of people do you want to serve you can find a product that solves their problem and present it to them.

For example, people who want to start an online business you could give them tips on how to start their business and offer them tools like page builders, autoresponder, hosting services and you will get paid in the process.

You could offer some diet tips and recommend people who want to lose weight some diet plans and exercise routines.

You could recommend business owner tools that can scale their business like Clickfunnels and automation tools like ConvertKit.

Find a medium to deliver your message

A key to online business is giving a ton of valuable tips and content to your prospects, you need to decide which medium you are going to use in order to do that.

That could be a Facebook group, Instagram account, YouTube Channel, Pinterest or blog. These platforms need to be accessed by people who may need your product or service.

Provide useful and helpful value such as written content or video content that highlights your target audience’s problems and recommend your affiliate offer as a solution. Be consistent. Rinse and repeat.

That’s all there is to affiliate marketing. Go and take action and you can start your affiliate marketing business and finally make money online, Good luck.

7 Things That Successful Online Marketers Have in Common

There are different approaches make money online, most of these approaches will vary based on individual business goals and personality, but there are some things that all successful online marketers have in common. They all do all these 7 things.

7 Things That Successful Online Marketers Have in Common

1 They have a marketing channel

The marketing channel is a way to deliver your message to your audience, this can be a blog, an email list, a YouTube channel, social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc), in one or more of these channels you will find them with a big amount of people who follow them and consume their content, if you want to be successful, you need to start building your following online.

As a tip, don´t build all channels at the same time, build one and when you get success then you can add a new channel.

2 They have website/Funnel

All top marketers I know they have at least one place where they can send their followers to subscribe or buy their stuffs, it does not matter if you have a huge YouTube Channel or Instagram followers, you need to have a page or series of pages where you can send your prospects to get free content or buy something from you.

For building pages most of big marketers use Clickfunnels.

3 They build their email list

If you have been marketing online for more than a day, I am sure that someone has told you that the money is on the list, you need to collect emails address from people who like your content.

You can use the power on email marketing to recommend more products to your list and make more money in the process.

4 They email their list

In the last point, I said that the money is in the list, this is not 100% true, the truth is money is in the relationship that you have with your list.

People they buy products from people they love and trust, in order to get the trust from people who are in your list, you will need to start sending them tips and information that can help them to solve their problems and with time they will trust you and they will buy products you recommend.

Tip: Don’t recommend products just for the sake of making money, recommend only products that are of high quality.

Tip: To build your list and use the power of email marketing in your online business I will recommend Aweber for people who are just starting out and ConvertKit for bloggers or people with more experience.

5 They add value to the marketplace

As I said in the last point, you need to add value to the marketplace, in other words you need to teach or tell people who are following you something valuable to them, this could be tips, entertainment, encouragement, anything that they find useful.

6 They promote high ticket products

All successful marketers I know and follow they promote high ticket products, it does not matter if it is their own products or affiliate products, you need to promote products that can make you at least $500+ per sale.

This is one of the best-kept secrets on online marketing, imagine that you want to make $10000 per month, which one is easier, to sell $10 product to 1000 people or to sell $1000 product to 10 people, I know I prefer the first option.

Another thing to note is that it takes almost the same amount of effort to sell a $1000 product and to sell a $10 product.

7 They promote low ticket products

I know I just said they promote high ticket products but one thing I found in successful online marketers is that they also promote low ticket offers, they only difference between them and unsuccessful marketers is that this is not their main focus, they use them to drag people to their funnels and sell them high tickets offer as backend.

That is it, those are 7 things that successful online marketers have in common, how many of them are you applying on your business? Let me know in the comment section below.

Thank you for reading.

5 Steps for Discovering Your Ideal Customer

One of the most essential elements of running a successful online business is developing a detailed profile of the ideal customer.

Finding and serving a perfect customer when you first start your business will save you months of wandering in the dark, looking for a paying market. The following five steps will put you on the right path for discovering your target customer.

5 Steps for Discovering Your Ideal Customer

Start with the Smallest Market Possible

You have to locate a group of customers that believe what you have to offer is unique. When you are first getting started, you will have very few resources to work with to get your name out there.

Your key to initial success is to find a very narrow group and create raving fans out of them. Once you start to gain traction in your market, you can expand your reach.

Create an Initial Value Hypothesis

To continue to move forward, you have to stay in test and refine mode. That is why you must create a “why us” value proposition and use that as your hypothesis. Too many people get caught up in trying to execute their business plan when the market doesn’t care. The only thing that matters is what you discover and apply outside your office.

Gain Perspective in Discovery Test Sessions

The key to making and affirming your initial assumptions is to set-up discovery test sessions with your prospects. You can join industry or trade groups or offer free samples to those who are willing to provide you feedback. It is vital that you start talking to prospects about what they need, what they think, what works and what doesn’t. This is how you evolve your business.

Create an Ideal Customer Sketch

Some of the information that you need to create your ideal customer sketch will be commonly understood, like demographics, but much of the data will be discovered in your test sessions and additional research. Now is the time to identify and define everything you can about your ideal target group.

Strategy Model Components

Now you need to apply this new ideal customer sketch to other elements of your business strategy. Consider how it might impact your offerings, your revenue streams, your pricing, and your distribution channels. You will also need to consider how you can reach this particular market and what resources you’ll need to have an impact on the market.

Understanding your ideal customer will allow you to develop the right products and the right price. Knowing what your customers need and want can help you build a successful business.

Three steps to make full time income online

Making a full-time income online is a dream for most of us who start an online business, but most people who try and start an online business fail to make a dime and they end up quitting.

In this post, I am going to give you three steps you must pass through on your way to making a full-time income online.

Step 1: Change your mindset and beliefs

Most people who start an online business have been working for someone for a large part of their life since they were little, they were told that you must study hard, get good grades, get a job and you will get paid.

Always there was someone to tell you what to do, and if you don’t do it they will punish you in some way, when you decide to become online entrepreneur, there is no one to tell you what to do, there is no one to punish you if you don’t do it, hence most people they will do nothing and make no money.

Also you need to change the instant gratification mindset, you do something, in few days you get paid, you have a check at the end of 2 weeks or 4 weeks, in business world it does not work like this, you might do something today and you have no idea if it will work or no, and you don’t know when you will get paid, this is a problem for many people.

Also, you need to have a belief that you can make money online, you need to believe that you’re good enough, if you don’t believe that you can make a full-time income online, probably you won’t, remember if you believe you can or you can´t you´re right.

In order to change all these, you will need to start reading self-help books, entrepreneurship books and other books related to your industry, if you can’t afford books or you´re not a book guy or girl you can watch YouTube video on those subjects and you gradually start to change your mindset.

Also, you can write some affirmation and read them the first thing in the morning and at night before going to bed, again this will help you to change the way of thinking and start attraction wealth.

>>>> Alexander has one of a great resource on how to attract the wealth you can check out here.

Three steps to make full time income online

Step 2: Start with free traffic

Getting traffic is an art and it should be mastered, most people will recommend you start will many traffic sources or paid traffic sources, but for me, you should always start with free traffic.

Before throwing your money on paid traffic you need to know few things about online business, if you start with nothing like I did, you don’t have enough money to buy traffic, you don’t know your niche yet, I would say until you make your first $1000, stick to the free traffic.

There are a lot ways to get traffic to the affiliate offer and squeeze pages, blogging, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Quora, document sharing sites etc, with time I will be posting all these free traffic methods here on my blog, make sure you visit frequently so that you won’t miss them.

Step 3: Invest in paid traffic

I like free traffic, but sometimes it is very difficult to scale, once you start making regular sales with free traffic, you should invest some of the cash on the paid traffic, this will do your online business a wonder and will make a lot of money very quickly.

A word of warning though, until you have at least $500 that you are able to lose without losing your sleep don’t invest in paid traffic, this is what I mean, paid traffic is a high risk, high reward investment, if you’re new there is a chance that you will lose money at first, if you´re taking money that you’re supposed to buy food for your kid in order to invest in paid traffic you’re risking yourself going into a trouble, it is better to spend extra 2 hours on free traffic than risking it, but if that money won’t affect your budget, I will encourage you to take that leap and invest some cash into paid traffic.

So that is it, those are three steps to make a full-time income online, if you’re just starting out or you need any help regarding starting and growing your online business, let me know and I will be glad to help out.

Thank you for reading, peace, and love

Who is Information Marketer?

Today I got a question who is an Information Marketer

This was my answer.

An information marketer is that guy or girl who markets information.  We distribute information.  We relay information.

We operate on the Internet (The Information Super Highway!).  We are marketers who distribute information to those who WANT that information (niche).

Where is the information found?  Everywhere!  It’s free all over the place too!  So, why sell it?  You sell it because people buy it, that’s why.  You find a place where people are buying all sorts of stuff and you just get in the way of all that money being spent.

You can collect a ton of free articles online about a specific topic.  I copied them, pasted them into a PDF and sell it online.

People will buy it because you did the hard work of finding the information packaging and organizing it, people will pay a  good amount of money for organized information.

Think about this, why do we go to school and pay a lot of money for it? The answer is simple we pay for the organized information, you could buy those books and teach yourself anything but still we go to school, it is the same with online information business.

As an information marketer, you should know that you have access to tons of information.  It’s all over the place.  You can simply research a topic, master it, and sell it!

Just make sure it’s a topic where tons of people are already buying.  Sell what they are already buying.  Sell what they are buying right now.  Find out what people are buying… and go sell that to them.

If do you want to learn how to sell information online there a no better place than from the guys who own the largest information product retail on the world, I mean Clickbank. 

Who is Information Marketer?


What it takes to succeed in online business

So you started an online business and you want to succeed but you don’t know how in this post I am going to share with you what it takes to succeed in the online business.

What it takes to succeed in an online business

Extreme focus

I still have this problem, when I start my computer and start working and the distractions start, first my family think that because I am working from home they can come in at any point and disturb me.

On my part, I try to work around waking up early while everyone is sleeping and start doing my things, also you can set your working hours in time when your partner or kids are not home, but for me, you need at least 4 hours to really focus on your business.

Another cause of distraction is that because I am working by using a computer with an internet connection, it is easy to open a browser and start navigating, this can take hours from your business.

If I don’t need to do a research I will turn off the internet and work without it, also I like to have a background instrumental music in YouTube, this helps me a lot to focus.

Eliminate FOMO

One of the reasons why most people don’t succeed in an online business is that they have what is called Shine Object Syndrome, this is a symptom of a disease called FOMO.

FOMO is a Fear of Missing Out, you know, every day there is a new system, a new product, a new traffic method and most of the online entrepreneur end up buying all this products and systems because they have a Fear of Missing Out this new phenomenon.

You need to find one traffic method, one product, and one mentor and focus on them, forget everything else, trust me you’re not missing anything.

Stop following anyone with a new shiny object

This is big, as I said above, one of the most dangerous diseases that will kill your business is the disease called shiny object syndrome.

In order to cure yourself from this disease, you need to stop following anyone with a new shiny object, you know there are marketers who they will send you an email each day promoting to you a new shiny thing, unsubscribe from them.

Also, there are marketers who create a new product after one or two weeks, most of the time what they do is rehash the same training, change it a name and give it a hyped headline and sell it again to the masses, you need to move away from those types of marketers.

Get clarity and your life and business will change

I am not a motivational speaker or guru, but I will tell you this if you don’t know what do you want you will never get it.

Imagine a plane leaving a field without its final destination, the most it can do is to take off, have some run on the air and one of the two things will appear, either it will go back to the original point, or it runs out of fuel, crash and burn.

This is what makes most of the online entrepreneurs fail to succeed, you need to think about what do you want to achieve in your life and business, you need to have a clarity of what do you want and your life will change for good.

Commit to what you’re doing for one year

After having the clarity of what do you want in your life and business you need to make a commitment of doing that this for at least one year.

This is a problem, most online marketers will join a program today, they will promote for one week they won’t make any money and they will quit and join another calling the previous one a scam, this cycle will continue for years.

To break the cycle, you need to pick one thing do you want to do, let say do you want to learn how to drive free traffic to your affiliate offers, you can choose to start a blog, a YouTube channel or a podcast.

What most people will do is to start a blog for a month and if they don’t get any traffic, they will move to grow a YouTube channel, then move to a podcast, at the end of the day you will not know how to blog, run a YouTube channel or run a podcast.

All you need to do is pick one thing you need to do and do it for a year, if you write one blog post per day, in one year you will have 365 articles on your blog and for sure you will be getting some traffic, this applies to YouTube and podcast as well.

Final words

That is what it takes to succeed in an online business, check out which of this point is hindering you from achieving your goals and start a process of improving.

Thank you for reading this post and if you liked my content make sure to subscribe to my news latter as I will be sending you tips on how to make passive income online and a weekly summary of my articles.