Affiliate Marketing Ideas that Make Money

Affiliate Marketing Ideas that Make Money

Most people who try affiliate marketing fails, there are many reasons for that, one of them is that they don´t have any idea how to do it, that is why in this blog post, I will be sharing affiliate marketing ideas that make money.

 Idea 1 – Build a Blog that Makes You Money

It does not matter which method you use to drive traffic to your squeeze pages and offers, having your own blog is key to a stable online income.

Starting a blog is not as hard as most people let you believe and yes, it is not outdated, most people still consume information from blogs or written content.

This is what you should do if do you want to start a blog that will make you money.

Get a domain name and hosting.

The first step to build a blog is to get a domain name and hosting, you can get a domain name at for less than $10.

For hosting is this is your first blog I will recommend going with Siteground, I think there are one of the best Webhosting services at this money, you can get a 33% discount if you click here.

After getting a domain name and hosting, you will need to install WordPress on it, it is very simple. Actually, you can do it with few clicks on your Siteground back office.

By anyway if for any reason you can´t install your WordPress or you´re having trouble doing it, contact me here and I will do it for you, free of charge, no catch.

Post regularly

Once you finished setting up your blog, it is time to post some content on it. All you need to do is to write regular, weekly articles teaching readers useful and actionable information in your blog’s niche (e.g. dog training, weight loss, muscle building etc).

By providing useful information, readers will trust you—and so will trust you when you recommend products (which you make money off).

Once readers trust you, they will trust your recommendations. You can then take advantage of this by recommending useful, quality affiliate products to them.

 Idea 2 – Focus on Email Marketing, Not Banners

 This where most people who are new to affiliate marketing fail. They feel their blogs with banners everywhere and they wonder why they are not making any money.

People who do click on banners are cold traffic and don’t convert. Another thing is that most people they trained their minds to avoid banners at all costs, some even install banner brokers in their computers and mobile devices.

What you need to do is to collect emails address from people who are coming to visit your blog. Give them something that can help them to solve their problems in exchange with an email.

Give people an incentive to join (e.g. free ebook) then send out emails with helpful information and relevant product suggestions. Pre-warms traffic, increasing conversions.

 Idea 3 – Bring in Traffic Organically with Google

 Create great content that will attract people to your blog, when you start a new blog it will be very difficult to get traffic from search engines especially google.

But when you create good content and you post it on social media you will start getting some traffic and with time (in my experience it takes around 30 days for a new post to start getting free Google traffic in a new blog) Google will reward you with high-quality visitors.

Organic Google traffic is of high quality and converts very well. Here are some tips for ranking better on search engines like Google.

  • Post regularly—Google loves websites with new, fresh content and ranks their posts/pages better.
  • Optimize your post for a keyword that is shown as having a good number of searches (100+) in Google Keyword Planner.
  • Place keyword once in the title tag, once in the description tag.

 Final words

That is it, those where three affiliate marketing ideas that make money, take action and start applying them to your business, by the way, if do you want to learn more about creating a blog, making money online using affiliate marketing and more, get my guide on how to make create passive income online below this post.

How To Boost Your Affiliate Sales

Selling other people’s products and services aka affiliate marketing is a great way to make a living once you have established successful marketing techniques and have a large audience. If you need to learn how to boost your affiliate sales and building your audience, you should go over the following article.


How To Boost Your Affiliate Sales

Do it on a regular basis

You will boost your affiliate sales and draw attention to your activities if you have new promotional offers on a regular basis.

Existing customers will stay in touch with you, for instance by subscribing to your email alerts or social media updates if you share information about new incentives on a regular basis.

Do not hesitate to set some of your profits apart so you can offer new incentives each week such as discounts, free shipping or giveaways.

Stay in touch with your customers and prospects

Staying in touch with your existing customers is necessary since repeat sales are common if customers are satisfied.

Encourage people to subscribe to one of your marketing campaigns when they order a product, for instance by offering them a small discount or building value for the campaign by giving examples of the type of quality content you will be sharing.

Stay in touch with your customers regularly and share content they will be interested in besides drawing attention to new products and incentives.

Offer incentives so that they can buy from you

Do not let customers order products from your competitors. Selling products for an affiliate marketing program means you will be in competition with a lot of other sellers who have the exact same products.

You need to steal sales from these competitors by offering better incentives or earning the trust of your customers. You could also provide something valuable to your audience by launching a site or blog filled with useful information on topics your customers will be interested in.

Keep them interested

Keep people interested by always looking for ways to improve your selection. Other sellers will be able to offer the exact same selection if they join your program, which means you might have to eventually join more than one program to build a unique catalog.

Look for products your customers will be likely to buy together and present your products so shoppers can easily find more items that correspond to their preferences. Keep track of which products are the most popular and look for more similar items.

Look offline too

Do not focus on selling products only through the Internet. You might be ignoring a niche that is interested in the products you sell but does not shop online.

You should look for events you can attend to meet customers and present your products, such as conventions, trade shows, and fairs. If you live in a large city, you should be able to find public places where you will be likely to meet potential customers or use your own social circles to find more customers.

Final words

That is it, this is how you can boost your affiliate sales. Selling products as an affiliate is a fun job but you will be successful if you take this job seriously. Apply the tips from this article, keep track of how many sales you generate and do not hesitate to modify these techniques to make sure they are adapted to your audience.

Common Affiliate Marketing Mistakes To Avoid

Are you interested in selling online products as an affiliate? You should go over this article to learn more about the affiliate marketing mistakes you need to avoid.

Common Affiliate Marketing Mistakes To Avoid

Do not expect to be successful right away. Becoming a successful affiliate marketing seller takes time. Your success will depend on the time you decide to invest in your work as an affiliate marketing seller.

If you already have a full-time job and some other time-consuming activities, you will have to rethink your priorities. Set some monthly goals to keep track of your progress and make sure you are using efficient techniques. If you do not get good results, try using different methods to sell products.

Do not forget that you are competing against many other sellers who are offering the same products. You need to find a way to stand out and give customers a reason to order products from you instead of going through your competitors.

You could, for instance, offer some incentives or establish a solid reputation by creating a quality website or attending events where you will get a chance to present your products.

You should not entirely rely on the Internet to sell your products. Meeting customers face to face is a great way to make a lasting impression and convince them to order your products.

Go to places and events where you will be likely to find new potential customers and give people the option to call you if they have any questions. You could even organize your own events if you have a large following in your area.

Your customers will lose interest in your products if you do not find a way to remind them about the items you are selling. You should join social networks, launch your own newsletter and write new articles for your blog on a regular basis.

Encourage customers to subscribe to one of your campaigns to stay in touch with you, for instance by offering a small discount to the customers who subscribe to a campaign.

If you do not add new products to your selection, customers will lose interest. You should browse through the selection offered by your affiliate marketing program regularly and consider joining more than one program if you want to create a unique selection.

You will generate more sales if you organize your selection so shoppers can easily find more products they will be interested in and sell products that can be bought together such as accessories, refills or upgrades.

Communicate with your audience to get a better idea of the kind of products they would like to see. You also need to stay up to date with what your competitors are offering and make sure your selection remains competitive.

You will become a successful affiliate marketing seller if you avoid these mistakes and focus on efficient methods. The tips you just read will help you generate more sales but make sure you adapt these methods in function of the products you are selling and the audience you are targeting.

4 Basic Components of Affiliate Marketing

Most people are afraid of starting an affiliate marketing business because they think it is very expensive to start, the fact is that you can start affiliate marketing with a very small investment.

In this post I am going to give you 4 basic components of affiliate marketing, you don’t need a ton of expensive memberships or fancy tools with a lengthy learning curve to make money as an affiliate online. All you need are four basic components and a system to pull together.

4 Basic Components of Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate offers

In order to make money, you will need to sell something, you need to have a variety of products that you can recommend to your prospects.

Most people make this mistake, they start a business on a niche where there are one or two products to promote and when those products they disappear on the marketplace and their business disappear.

Choose a niche that has a lot of products to promote.

A home on the web

Most gurus they will tell you that you don’t need a website to make money, I can agree with that to a certain extent, you can make money without a website or blog but you cant build an online business without one.

It does not matter if you use youtube, facebook, twitter etc to promote affiliate offers, you need to have a domain name and a hosting so that you can have somewhere to send your prospects so that they can join your list and get more stuff from you.

Authority content

In order to attract prospects to your business you need to create great content, you need to give them some kind of value, a content that can help them to solve their problem and make them feel better and they will reward you by buying products through your affiliate link.

A communication system

Your communication with online customers comes in the form of an automated system that leaves you with a primarily hands-off business to run.

That automated system is called an Autoresponder.

Autoresponders are the method of choice for most marketers because you can queue up over a years’ worth of emails to go out on autopilot and do the work for you.

Those are 4 are the basic components of affiliate marketing, those 4 components above are all it’s going to take to build a financially secure

affiliate empire. Now how you use these four components is where the

difference between success and failure lies.

Best Affiliate Marketing Tools

Before you can begin building anything in life, you need tools. And the same is true if you’re building your affiliate marketing career.

In this post, I will get you set up with all the best affiliate marketing tools you need to get started.

The important thing to remember here is that these are tools that you will need when you’re just starting out, maybe when your business grows you might need more tools but for now with these tools, you will be fine.

Best Affiliate Marketing Tools

Domain name

You will need at least one domain name to run your affiliate marketing business and my highest recommendation will be Namecheap as they are the best domain registrar on the web.


When it comes to hosting there are a lot of opinions online, I tried and tested most of the major web hosting companies, for me Wpxhosting is the best web hosting company,they offer you free SSL certificate for all of your website,they will move your websites from any hosting company to their’s for free, if you have a problem with your website they will fix it for free, they respond to your inquiries in less than 5 seconds, I can’t recommend them more.

But I know that if you’re just starting out it can be a little bit expensive (it is $24.95 per month), so my second recommendation is Siteground as you can pay just $71 for the whole year and host more websites.




Page builder

To run a successive online business as an affiliate, you will need to build some special pages, these can be landing/squeeze pages, pre-sales pages, and funnels, and the best software to do that is Clickfunnels.

So that is it, those are in my opinion the best affiliate marketing tools you can use to start and grow your online business.



Every person who is making money online has one thing in common, email list. As an affiliate marketer, you will need to collect some data from your prospects especially their email and then send them some emails with tips and recommendations of affiliate products and the software that can help you to do all that is called autoresponder.

If you’re just starting out, my recommendation will be that you start with Aweber, but if you want a superior autoresponder with modern features, Convertkit is the winner.

So my autoresponder recommendations will be




For me, these are the best affiliate marketing tools you need to get started, if you are new to affiliate marketing these tools will help you to grow your business and when your business gets bigger you might need another set of tools but for starters, these tools are enough t get you going.