Affiliate Marketing Ideas that Make Money

Affiliate Marketing Ideas that Make Money

Most people who try affiliate marketing fails, there are many reasons for that, one of them is that they don´t have any idea how to do it, that is why in this blog post, I will be sharing affiliate marketing ideas that make money.

 Idea 1 – Build a Blog that Makes You Money

It does not matter which method you use to drive traffic to your squeeze pages and offers, having your own blog is key to a stable online income.

Starting a blog is not as hard as most people let you believe and yes, it is not outdated, most people still consume information from blogs or written content.

This is what you should do if do you want to start a blog that will make you money.

Get a domain name and hosting.

The first step to build a blog is to get a domain name and hosting, you can get a domain name at for less than $10.

For hosting is this is your first blog I will recommend going with Siteground, I think there are one of the best Webhosting services at this money, you can get a 33% discount if you click here.

After getting a domain name and hosting, you will need to install WordPress on it, it is very simple. Actually, you can do it with few clicks on your Siteground back office.

By anyway if for any reason you can´t install your WordPress or you´re having trouble doing it, contact me here and I will do it for you, free of charge, no catch.

Post regularly

Once you finished setting up your blog, it is time to post some content on it. All you need to do is to write regular, weekly articles teaching readers useful and actionable information in your blog’s niche (e.g. dog training, weight loss, muscle building etc).

By providing useful information, readers will trust you—and so will trust you when you recommend products (which you make money off).

Once readers trust you, they will trust your recommendations. You can then take advantage of this by recommending useful, quality affiliate products to them.

 Idea 2 – Focus on Email Marketing, Not Banners

 This where most people who are new to affiliate marketing fail. They feel their blogs with banners everywhere and they wonder why they are not making any money.

People who do click on banners are cold traffic and don’t convert. Another thing is that most people they trained their minds to avoid banners at all costs, some even install banner brokers in their computers and mobile devices.

What you need to do is to collect emails address from people who are coming to visit your blog. Give them something that can help them to solve their problems in exchange with an email.

Give people an incentive to join (e.g. free ebook) then send out emails with helpful information and relevant product suggestions. Pre-warms traffic, increasing conversions.

 Idea 3 – Bring in Traffic Organically with Google

 Create great content that will attract people to your blog, when you start a new blog it will be very difficult to get traffic from search engines especially google.

But when you create good content and you post it on social media you will start getting some traffic and with time (in my experience it takes around 30 days for a new post to start getting free Google traffic in a new blog) Google will reward you with high-quality visitors.

Organic Google traffic is of high quality and converts very well. Here are some tips for ranking better on search engines like Google.

  • Post regularly—Google loves websites with new, fresh content and ranks their posts/pages better.
  • Optimize your post for a keyword that is shown as having a good number of searches (100+) in Google Keyword Planner.
  • Place keyword once in the title tag, once in the description tag.

 Final words

That is it, those where three affiliate marketing ideas that make money, take action and start applying them to your business, by the way, if do you want to learn more about creating a blog, making money online using affiliate marketing and more, get my guide on how to make create passive income online below this post.