8 Ways To Use Twitter For Business

According to Hootsuite, Twitter (o X) is growing 30% faster than Instagram among users aged between 12 and 34.

8 Ways To Use Twitter For Business

The growth of Twitter has been a positive trend since Elon Musk took charge of the app more than a year ago.

If you are a small business or a freelancer who wants to grow your business, you need to start using Twitter. In this post, I will share eight ways to use Twitter for business.

Is there a Twitter business account?

Twitter does not have a business account, but it has a professional one. The only difference versus a regular account is a section called Edit Professional Profile (which lets you edit your Category). It allows you to show your chosen category on your public profile.

8 Ways To Use Twitter For Business

After creating your Twitter account and adding both the banner and the profile image, you can now start using your Twitter account to promote your business; here are the eight ways to use Twitter for business.

twitter for business

Tweet about trending topics.

Twitter is my primary source of information. When I hear about something, I first check it out on Twitter. This is not me, and many people do this every single day.

Every day, there are trending events. Leverage them, find out which events are related to your business, and tweet about them.

This will make your Twitter profile get attention from people reading about that trending topic, and this is a free advertisement for you and your business.

Tweet With Your Brand Voice.

One part of building a successful online business is to create your brand. You do not need a budget or to hire a whole team to have a brand. You can have a one-person brand and apply the same methods.

Every great brand has a clear personality. To support your brand, you need to tweet as if your brand is a real person—not multiple social media managers—by honing in on one distinct voice.

This will make people connect with your business, and they will buy any product or service you have to offer.

Create Engaging Content.

If you want to increase sales from Twitter, you must create engaging content that will force people to react or engage with you.

There are many ways to create engaging content, but two things have helped me a lot when selling products on Twitter.

Ask question.

If you ask questions, you can find out what your followers want; for example, if my business is about investing, I may ask my followers what stocks are the best.

What do they think are the best investment vehicles? Depending on the answers, I will get ideas for my following content.

Provide helpful and actionable tips.

There is no workaround for this. If you want people to trust and follow your lead and buy your products, you must provide tips to help them take action and fix their issues.

Pin a Tweet.

pin tweet

Most of your new followers will click on your profile to check you out. You need to maximize their visit to your profile by having a bio with a link to your newsletter or a sales page.

Also, you need to create a Tweet about what you offer and a link to get it. This alone will help you to make sales from your new followers.

Monitor Your Brand Mentions.

You need to monitor your brand mentions. These can be your customers or potential customers having questions and issues your brand needs to address.

If you are a premium X user ( a paid user), you can access a Tweetdeck where you monitor all your accounts and mentions from one account.

Engage With Twitter Users.

If you follow some accounts, engage with their content. Also, engaging with people who follow your business account is a good idea.

Answer their questions about things you think are helpful or funny to your audience. Do not take yourself too seriously. Have fun and make money.

Tweet Consistently.

I have seen a lot of business owners or freelancers who have less than 20 Tweets, seriously?

If you want to grow your Twitter account and make money, I recommend Tweet at least ten times daily.

You will have followers worldwide who are active at different times; you need to catch them while they are online.

Another thing I found out is that most people will sit there and watch your account. They will not act until they see you consistently Tweeting your message, so keep them both.

Use DM is the right way.

Sending people Twitter direct messages ( DM ) can be a great way to increase sales. The problem is that most people do it incorrectly, making their prospects angry.

When you send someone an unsolicited direct message on Twitter, ensure they benefit from that message. You can not just DM someone and try to sell them something.

What I do is this: I offer a copywriting service. I will look at 20 accounts that follow me and see if they have a landing page, sales page, or squeeze page.

I will examine each page and figure out what they can improve, and for each of the 20 prospects, I will send them a personalized message like this.

Hey [Name], I see that you have a great page. I like your page, but you can convert even more if you do these few tweaks. ( I will go and mention specific things that I think if they change, the page will convert more).

If you want me to do it for you, I can do it for a small fee; please reply so we can discuss more.

Thank you, and have a great day.

Not everyone will reply, and the message is not perfect, but it addresses major issues.

First, it is specific for them; it is not generic. Second, it shows them that they did something good and gives them tips to improve it ( for free, which shows that I know what I am talking about).

Then, it gives them an option to hire me for a fee if they want me to do it.

Even if just four people reply and just one person hires me to do it, and I charge $50, that is $1500 per month; that is some money and not like those guys who spend a lot of time on Twitter and make $0.

Do I need to pay Twitter premium to use it for a business?

No, you do not need to pay Twitter premium or premium+ to use it for business. However, I discovered that a paid (verified ) Twitter account has more reach than a nonverified account, and people tend to trust a business with a verified account.

One of my Twitter friends believes that if a business does not have $8 to $15 to verify their account, you can not trust that business to deliver on their promise; I am not sure if this is true, but verifying your account will help your business grow.

Final words

Those are the eight ways to use Twitter for business. I use them in my business, and I have seen improvement in the money I make, especially that last one.

How many of these ways do you use in your business? Let me know in the comment section below.