7 Proven Steps To Six-Figure Affiliate Marketing Income

Affiliate marketing offers tremendous potential for making money online. Each month, new people are making life-changing incomes using affiliate marketing. Here are 7 proven steps to six-figure affiliate marketing income.

What does Six figures income mean?

“Six figures” refers to a number with six digits. Typically used with money, the term covers $100,000 to $999,999.

(Once you hit 1 million, you’re in seven-figure territory.) Someone with a six-figure income makes at least $100K.

The plan to reach six figures

We have 365 days in a year, although when I do my calculations, I like to consider 360 days a year. This makes my calculations easy.

If you are going to make $300 a day, that is $108,000 or $108K ($300×360), which is six figures. So, to reach those numbers, you need to make $300 daily, which is achievable.

So, the question is, how can you make $300 a day? I will share my plan with you.

7 Proven Steps To Six-Figure Affiliate Marketing Income

With the rise of internet users worldwide, more people use the internet daily.

If you can tap into this market, your chances of making sales are endless, and they will only improve.

Here are my 7 Proven Steps To Six-Figure Affiliate Marketing Income.

Learn A skill

I know a lot of people who want to make money online, but they lack skills. This is why most people will never make it as affiliate marketers.

You see, posting quotes daily will make you famous and gain more followers, but to make real money, you must teach people something and provide value to them.

Some of the skills you can learn are:

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Search engine optimization
  • Video editing
  • Thumbnail creation
  • Content marketing
  • Cryptocurrency 
  • Becoming better male or female.
  • Becoming fit
  • Cooking
  • Coding
  • Building funnels

It is any skill you can teach or educate others.

Practice the skill

This is another mistake that new affiliate marketers make. They say they want to promote affiliate products in a certain niche and have no idea what they are talking about.

To promote diet products, you need to be on a diet. You must also have a functional blog to teach people how to build one. If you do what you preach, you will never have to lie to anyone. 

Don’t be that person who talks about ranking blogs on search engines, and they have never done it themselves; people will figure you out, and you will not make money.

If you want to make six figures per year, start a side hustle, talk about it on social media, and recommend the products and tools you use using affiliate links. That is affiliate marketing.

Build your distribution channels.

I recommend to build at least two distribution channels. You will use these channels to distribute content about the skills you picked in the first step.

You need two distribution channels, one for short content and another for long content.

To figure out which distribution channels you should pick is easy. You must decide what you like more, creating written or video content.

If you like to write, your short content distribution channel can be Twitter or Facebook; for long content, you can create your blog or publish your content on LinkedIn, Medium, etc.

If you like to create videos, your short content distribution channels can be TikTok or Instagram; you can create a YouTube channel for long content.

You can do all four channels. Writing and creating videos can be fun, but I recommend starting with two and then expanding if you are new.

Build An Email list

Your email list is your biggest asset in your business, and it can generate sales for many years.

People don’t always buy the first time, so email follow-ups are an effective way to stay in touch with subscribers and create potential future sales.

If you want to learn how to build an email list correctly, read this article on building an email list for affiliate marketing.

Monetize your Skill

Now that you have the skill and are building your online assets, it is time to monetize your skills.

When you have a skill, making money as an affiliate is easy. Let’s say my skill is building profitable blogs. To create a blog, you must pick a niche, select and buy a domain name, get hosting, install WordPress, install a theme and plugin, create content, optimize blog posts for search engines, etc.

For each step, I will create content ( video or written) explaining how I do it and what resources I use, get affiliate links for the resources, and include them in my content.

I can promote namecheap.com as a domain registrar, WPX as my hosting company, GeneratePress as my WordPress theme, Semrush as my keyword research tool, and RankMath as my SEO optimization tool. 

If I were in a weight loss niche, I would create a guide on how to work out at home and include links to home exercise machines; I can easily get those links from Amazon or other places.

The procedure is simple: create content related to your skill, link the content to an affiliate link, or link it to another content.

Find a like-minded community.

Affiliate marketing can be a lonely business model. You stare at your computer daily, either recording or writing something and posting it on the Internet for others to see.

This can be very lonely if you come from a family without an entrepreneurial background or a family that does not believe you can make money from the Internet.

I still have family members who call me lazy, and I do not want to get a real job, even after making a lot of money from the Internet.

This is where you need your tribe, people who share your dream and can encourage you to keep going even if nothing works.

One of the best online communities you can find online is a SEOAD community. If you want to make money online as an affiliate marketer, I invite you to join our community; here is how you can join it.

Consistency and Showing Up Every Day

You cannot go to the gym one day and have an athlete’s body. You need to go to the gym every day for a long time to look like an athlete. This is the same with affiliate marketing.

You can see people like Andrew Take with their fancy cars and mansions at the beach, and it sounds so easy to make money.

Still, unfortunately, I came to the hard reality that it takes persistence and consistency to make daily sales on the Internet.

The best thing you can teach yourself from the start is to set aside four hours a day where you focus 100% on income-generating activities.

You will learn this from the blueprint that I follow. Persistency and showing up every day are the keys to daily payments.

Key Takeaways: 7 Proven Steps To Six-Figure Affiliate Marketing

7 Proven Steps To Six-Figure Affiliate Marketing Income are:

  1. Learn A skill
  2. Practice the skill
  3. Build your distribution channels.
  4. Build An Email list
  5. Monetize your Skill
  6. Find a like-minded community.
  7. Consistency and Showing Up Every Day

These are the seven simple steps I have followed to make a Six-Figure Income. All you need is a proven blueprint to show you how to start your own business online.