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7 Mindset Shifts For Online Marketing Beginners

7 Mindset Shifts For Online Marketing Beginners

Making money online is simple but not easy. This is why most people who try to make money online never make money; few make less than $100 per month, and less than 2% make a lot of money.

In this post, I will share seven mindset shifts for online marketing beginners so that you can make that shift and get some success for yourself.

7 Mindset Shifts For Online Marketing Beginners

For me, the real reason most people fail is that they have the wrong mindset. Here are the seven mindset shifts for online marketing beginners.

Treat Online Marketing as a Business.

Most people I know treat online marketing as something they do in their free time, which is time that they have nothing to do when they can even find a good movie on Netflix.

This is the main reason many people do not succeed online; they do not treat it as a business; they treat it as a hobby, something they can do when they feel like doing it.

You need to treat this as a real business and get the tools you need; you need to have a business plan, how you will make money online, what you will sell, and whether you have a skill you can sell.

Do you have a product that you can sell? Or what can you do to others so they can give you money?

Making money is exchanging value; you give people something they need (a service, product, or information), and they provide you with cash.

Passive Income Comes After Doing the Hard Work.

Most people want to make money without doing any actual work. People are throwing passive income around the internet to keep you buying their products repeatedly, which does not work that way.

Yes, you can make passive income, you can make income without touching your computer for months or even years, but to reach that level, you will have to put a lot of work upfront.

If you want to make a passive income from YouTube, you must create and upload thousands of videos, which will take time and money.

Don’t sit around and wait for that passive income; put in the work, and you will reach there one day.

Avoid Shiny Object Syndrome.

I had this problem for many years; this is the reason it took me a long time to make good money online. Every day, someone has a new product, toy, way to make money online, etc.

You must pick one thing you want to do and do it for at least six months before you change. I recommend six months because those are 180 days; if you start a YouTube channel, you should have at least 50 videos; if it is a blog, you should have more than 100 articles; if it is an X or Instagram account, it should have more than 700 posts.

After doing all that you do not see success or you can not see yourself doing it long term, you can change but do not try one method for a week and then find a new guru with an unknown object and do something different.

Be Yourself.

Let’s be honest: you are not Seth Godin or Dan Koe. You do not have to be to make money online.

When I say be yourself, I do not mean that if you are lazy and out of shape, you should be like that all your life; what I mean is do not copy what they do, model them and apply it to your life, share your journey and people will like you and do business with you.

Pick One Platform to Focus On to Drive Traffic.

This is another mistake I made when I started; I wanted to be everywhere, and in the end, I was nowhere. You see, using Facebook, X, Blogging, and Pinterest can be complicated to do all at once. You will not have the knowledge and time to do it.

I recommend picking one short-form content platform, X, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, etc., and one long-form platform: blogging, YouTube, or Podcast.

You create a long-form content, summarize it, and post it on your short-form content platform, this way you grow your traffic, sales and followers count.

Be Consistent.

I have been doing online marketing for a few years now. I had a lot of online friends that we started together who went back to their 9-5 or teaching English nowadays, and the main reason is that they were not consistent.

Some of them built a business, made some cash, and stopped working ( they thought it was a passive income). After a few years, their business died.

Some were more aggressive, posting on Twitter (X) 5 times a day for 90 days and making zero sales; they called it a day and online marketing is a scam.

This is why I recommend being consistent for at least 180 days; if you show up every day and provide value to other people, after 180 days, you should be making some cash.

Don’t Neglect SEO.

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is making your content rank high in the search results on platforms like Google, Bing, Pinterest, YouTube, and others.

Here’s the thing… With social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, your posts have a very short life.  Sometimes, just minutes!

You do not have to learn ninja tricks and become an SEO guru; you just need to optimize your content, videos, articles, and images so that search engines can start to pick them up.

Doing simple optimization to your content can lead you to get free traffic, get more customers, and increase your sales; this is why I recommend everyone who wants to be successful online should have some form of long content; you can pick one between having a Podcast, a Youtube channel or a blog.

If you want to learn what we do to make money online please watch this free training.

Final words

I hope you enjoyed this post on mindset shifts for beginner bloggers!

Hopefully, you learned some new things and are on the right track to build your blogging business.

As a recap, here are the seven mindset shifts for online marketing beginners:

  1. Treat online marketing as a Business.
  2. Passive Income Comes After Doing the Hard Work.
  3. Avoid Shiny Object Syndrome.
  4. Be Yourself.
  5. Pick One Platform to Focus On to Drive Traffic.
  6. Be Consistent.
  7. Don’t Neglect SEO.
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