5 Ways To Make Money Online Without Clickbank

Not everyone can make money on Clickbank. This is because some countries cannot sell or buy products on Clickbank. In this post, I will share five ways to make money online without Clickbank.

Five ways to make money online without Clickbank

You can check the list here if you are from a country that is blacklisted from Clickbank. It is not over for you. You can still make money without Clickbank.

Use Alternative platforms

Clickbank is not the only platform you can use to make money. Many other platforms can help you to make money.

There are Digistore24, WarriorPlus, Amazon associates, etc. Figure out which platform accepts people from your country and start from there.

Making money in any of these platforms is the same: you pick the niche, build an audience by providing valuable and actionable content, and then recommend those affiliate programs to your audience using your affiliate link. If they purchase anything through your link, you will get paid a percentage of that sale as a commission.

Lead more about the best alternatives to Clickbank.

Use in-house affiliate programs.

Many products have their affiliate programs. This way, they allow anyone from any country to promote those products.

Examples of these products are Clickfunnels, Aweber, and Getresponse. All these products have in-house affiliate programs, and they will let you promote their products without restrictions.

Most of these in-house programs are free to join, and you can sign up without any restrictions, but few of them, like Clickfunnels, want you to have some experience before they allow you to promote their products.

My recommendation is to build some audience before you apply so that when you apply you can show them that you have an audience to promote their products.

Use display ads 

If you have a blog, you can apply for a display ads program like AdthriveAdsense, etc.

These display ads networks will show your ads to your articles. Most of the time, the only requirement is that you have a blog with high-quality articles and that your blog gets a certain amount of monthly traffic. 

If you do not have a blog, you will need to start a blog, which means you need to find what to write about, set up a site, and start publishing content for your blog. When you start visitors, you can apply to those display ads programs.

Before you apply, you will need to get some traffic to your site. In my experience, if you get at least 20 visitors to your site, Adsense will accept you and place ads on your blog.

For other networks like AdThrive, the amount of visitors required is much higher. For Adthrive, the minimum amount of visitors needed to enter into their program is 100k per month, but it is worth the wait as you will get more money per visitor than Adsense.

Building a blog and getting 100,000 visitors is not that difficult, though you will need to write or pay someone to write them for you. Most people need at least a year to reach that amount of visitors.

If you want to follow along on how I am building my blog, please click here.

Start a YouTube channel.

If you can create videos, YouTube can be a great way to make money without Clickbank.

All you need to do is create videos, post them on your channel, and watch your channels grow. When you reach their minimum requirement, you can monetize your channel.

To get paid by YouTube, you need to follow all of YouTube’s monetization policies and live in a country or region where the YouTube partner program is available.

You can apply for monetization once you have 1,000 subscribers and over 4,000 watch hours a year.

You do not need professional instruments to record your videos, and you do not need heavy editing.

If you have a smartphone, you are good to go. You can record your videos using your smartphone and post them on YouTube.

My only recommendation would be to use the back camera of your phone, as it records better videos than the front one ( what I mean is point the pack of your phone to your face when speaking with your phone).

Suppose you are going to record videos using your computer. In that case, my recommendation is to buy a microphone. Even getting a $10 one from Amazon would be great. The reason for this is that most computers have built-in microphones. Still, the audio quality is terrible, and in my experience, people can tolerate a wrong video but not bad audio.

Became a freelancer.

If you have skills like writing, editing videos, keyword research, link building, installing WordPress, etc., you can join networks like Fiverr and start selling those skills to others and make money that way.

If you do not have any skills, you can learn a skill for free on YouTube, and in less than a month, you can start making money from them.

To become a freelancer, you need to learn the skill first, and since no one knows that you are good at something, my suggestion is to find at least five people who you can offer a small sample of your work for free in exchange for them giving you a positive review.

This is what I mean. Let’s say you are a freelancer who can write articles, go on social media, and offer people your service at a discounted or free price.

Ask them if they like your service, and they can give you a testimony or a positive review and use that testimony to advertise your service for high-paid customers.

Social media influencers. 

Influencer marketing is becoming bigger and bigger each year. Many brands are looking for influencers to work with. If you have a big social media following, you do not need Clickbank to profit from it.

If you do not follow up yet, you can start. It is not too late to start. All you need to do is to pick a niche.

This can be a sport, a specific sports team, personal improvement, health, wealth creation, personal finance, astrology, etc.

Deciding which platform you would like to be your primary social media would be best. Currently, I would recommend X ( formerly known as Twitter).

Start following some of the influencers in your niche, engage with their content, and post similar content into your profile ( do not copy them).

I recommend posting at least three times a day and interacting with everyone interacting with your post. And if you do this for at least six months, you will have enough followers to make a living.

Many brands in your niche will be willing to pay you to promote them.

I recommend including your contact info in the bio of your social media platforms so that anyone interested can contact you and offer you a deal.

Final words

That is it. Those are my five ways to make money online without Clickbank. If you want a simple way to make money online without Clickbank, click here.