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5 Things You Must Do Daily To Make Money Online

5 Things You Must Do Daily To Make Money Online

I get this question daily: How do I make money online? The simple answer is that you need to sell things online, and you will make money when people buy.

The things or services you sell can be your own or someone else’s, or you can make money without selling anything.

You can add a short code to your content, and when people consume your content, they will be shown ads, and you can make money from that.

It does not matter if you are selling your products or services. You are a freelancer or an affiliate marketer; here are the five things you must do daily to make money online.

What are the 5 Things You Must Do Daily To Make Money Online?

The five things you must do daily to make money online are Building, Writing, Networking, Distributing, and Learning.

If you do these five things daily for at least a year, you will be making full-time income a year from today; the problem I see most people have is a lack of consistency. They do a week, then quit and return to their usual self.


Building your online empire is the pillar of any success you can have as a digital marketer.

Many people spend a lot of money and time, but if you ask them what they are building, they can not tell you.

If you want to build a solid online business and make money in the long term, you need to build at least three things: the short-form distribution channel, the long-form distribution channel, and an email list.

Short-form content distribution channel.

Most people have a short attention span. You can not get attention from them if you share with them long content.

You need to capture their attention with short content. This can be a short written content or a short video. 

If you like to write, I recommend building a Twitter page, and if you like to create videos, I recommend Instagram or TikTok.

Long content distribution channel

For people who consume your short-form content and like it, you need to create long-form content for them.

If writing is your thing, you can create a blog and start posting long content to your blog.

You write a summary of your content on your social media and share a link to read more on your blog, which will drive high-quality traffic to your blog.

You can learn how to create a blog here.

If creating videos is your thing, you can create a YouTube channel similarly. Post short videos on Instagram or TikTok, then share your link to your YouTube channel so that people can learn more about the video topic.

You can learn more about how to create a YouTube channel here.

Email list

Building your email list is very important for any digital creator. Building your email list means collecting email addresses from people interested in your content.

Every successful digital marketer I know has an email list.

You can learn how to build your email list here.

Setting these three building blocks might take you the whole day or even more, but once you set them up, it can take you one to two hours to update them.


Writing is important for your online success. In the first point, I wrote about building your marketing channels.

The marketing channels include Twitter, TikTok, Instagram pages, a blog, a YouTube channel, and an email list. 

All these marketing channels will require you to write, Do you want to create a video? You must write a script. Do you want to write a Tweet or a blog post? You must write that post. Do you want to send an email? You must write the email.

I know you can pay someone to do all of these things but to understand the marketing and your audience better, I recommend writing them yourself; at least when you start, you can pay someone.

How you can improve your writing? Write daily, even if no one will read it.


They say that your network is equal to your net worth. This statement is true: no man or woman has built anything useful alone; you need other people to help you build your online empire.

For me, you need to network and build relationships with at least three people who are where you want to be; you can learn from them and model what they do.

The easiest way to get access to them is to become their student; you can do this by taking their courses or reading the content they put out.

The second group of people you should be networking and building relationships with are people on the same journey as you.

These people can become accountability partners with you; you can help each other, promote each other, and build great friendships.

Usually, you will find these types of people in masterminds, live events, people in the same courses as you, or even online.

These people are your tribe and will keep you moving and help you navigate hard times. 

The last group of people you should be networking with are those behind you in your online marketing journey. These are people who look up to you, and they try to be in your position.

The best way to start networking with this group is to provide value, give them actionable advice, answer their questions, and promote a product if you have one.

They will consider you as an expert, and they will trust your recommendation.

You need to do this daily, do not be shy reply to people who comment into your social media accounts, and interact with other digital marketers, with time you will start to form the right connections.

This action can take you a few minutes per day, so don’t waste your whole day on engagement. It’s better to spend more time creating.


Now you have your distribution channels( the first thing you should do is create at least three). Now, it is time to distribute your content.

It does not matter if you create the best content on earth. If no one sees it, you will not make any money; build and go and get them.

I recommend building at least three distribution channels because you can cross-promote them.

If you create a good tweet and it does well, you can expand it by creating a video or a blog post and adding a link.

What I do is that I create a blog post and post it to my blog. I will create a summary and post it on my Twitter account, linking it to my blog.

I will take the same post and send it to my email list.


The biggest mistake you can make as a digital marketer or creator is to assume you are an expert and stop learning.

There are always new marketing trends, new shiny objects, new studies, etc; you need to keep learning so that what you are sharing can add real value.

This is why I recommend having a mentor who can guide you to where you want to go; also, you can participate in masterminds, read books, watch or read other people’s content, attend live events, etc. Ensure you have up-to-date information about the topic you claim to be an expert.

Key takeaways: 5 Things You Must Do Daily To Make Money Online

These are the five things you must do daily to make money online.

  1. Building
  2. Writing
  3. Networking
  4. Distributing
  5. Learning

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