5 Steps To Make Full Time Income Online

By Seki Hudson

May 6, 2023

Many people who try to make money online end up failing miserably, actually there is a statistic that more than 90% end up losing money in their quest of making money online.

You can avoid being part of that bad statistics and actually join very few people who make a living online.

In this post, I am going to share with you the 5 steps you need to take in order to make a full-time income online. 

5 Steps To Make Full Time Income Online

In order to make a full-time income online you need to take these 5 steps.

Set a specific goal and make it measurable

Setting goals is the first step to your success journey, your goals will give you the direction of where you want to go.

You see imagine a plane is at an airport, the pilots go in, they start the engine of the plane without inputting the coordinates of where they want to go, and the plane will never leave the airport.

Whether you are doing Youtube, Blogging, Affiliate marketing, or social media marketing, you need to set the goals, where you want to be in 30 days, 90 days, 180 days, and 360 days.

Your goals need to be measurable, that means you can not just say I want to make money online, you need to have a specific number on your mind, how many email list subscribers, how many followers, how many posts to your blog, how many visitors you will be getting, your goals must be measurable.

After setting your goals you need to write them down, I like to write mine in my journal, just write them down and put them somewhere you can see them daily.

Create a process to achieve your goals

Now you create specific and measurable goals, you need to create a process to achieve them.

You see if your goal is to make $5000 a day from your blog, within a year, you need to brick this up into your daily action and set in motion the process to achieve it.

The process can be as simple as writing one blog post per day, they post it into your blog, share the blog post on social media, and send that blog post to your email list.

If you do this every day for 360 days, at the end of the year you should have 360 blog posts.

If each of these 360 blog posts makes you $0.5 per day through display ads and affiliate marketing which is $180 per day or $5400 per month, you will reach your income goal within a year.

You can create this process for any online business model and you can make money from it, all you have to do is start, create a plan, and put a process in place. 

Foresee obstacles then solve them

Being an entrepreneur is not easy, there are a lot of obstacles you might face along the way, your blog might get hacked, Youtube might censor you for no reason, social media company might delete your account, good might stop sending traffic to your blog, there are a lot of things that might go wrong.

All of those are obstacles that you might face in the future, there are many ways you can prepare yourself for that, for example, you can back up your blog every day, and many good hosting companies like Cloudways or WPX will do for you without extra charge.

If you have a Youtube channel or a social media account, you can build an email list, and if anything happens to your account you can just email your subscribers and they will follow you on your new platform or account.

I understand that you will never be able to foresee all possible obstacles, they are things that will be out of your control, all I am suggesting is that try to control things that you can control so that even when things that you can not control happen you and your business will survive.

Forget about your goal

This might sound counterintuitive, but after you set up your goals and have a process in motion you need to forget about your goals.

You see the main problem that most newbie face is that after trying for two weeks and they do not make the millions they were promised in the sales video, they quit, call it a scam and move into a new method.

 What I recommend you do is to break down your goal into simple daily actions, if your daily action is to create a blog post, and share it on social media, that is what you should be focusing on and not your goal.

You see, focus in create the best content for today, if you do that, you are done for today, do the same for tomorrow, the next day, and the next day. before you know it your will reach your goals.

Track your progress and adjust the course

I am an industrial automation engineer, and one thing I learned from engineering school is that you can not control something that you can not track.

You need to be able to track your progress, the good news is that all social media platforms have tracking systems.

All you need to do is to analyze and figure out what type of your content gets shared the most, and which type of content gets the most interaction if you are using email marketing, you need to know when people are opening your emails, when they buy the most, etc.

If you have a blog you can check your google analytics and see which posts are bringing the most traffic to your blog.

After analyzing your progress now you need to adjust the type of content you post, now you have data to work with, you know what your audience like, adjust the course and keep pushing the right content.

Final words

That is it, those are 5 steps to make a full-time income online, set a specific goal and make it measurable, create a process to achieve your goal, foresee the obstacles and then solve them, forget about the goal and enjoy the process, and finally track, find out what works and adjust accordingly.

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