5 Quick Ways To Get Traffic To Your Website

I often get this question: how do you get quick traffic to a new website? My answer is always to pay money and get fast traffic. 

In this post, I will share five quick ways to get traffic to your website, even if it is new.

I use these methods every day in my business, and they work. Pick one or two and give them a try.

5 Quick Ways To Get Traffic To Your Website

In these methods, I did not include SEO; it is a great method to get traffic, but it might take longer, so it does not qualify. Traffic exchanges can get you quick traffic, but the quality is low.

I included methods that anyone can use. These are methods that I used when I needed to make a quick sale, and they always delivered without fail.

Use your social media profile.

Every person I know has some social media profile, which means you probably have one, too. If you have a social media profile, whether it is Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. That is a great place to start.

Using your current social media profile, you can create a short article or video that summarizes a post on your website and post it on social media, then ask people to click the link for more information, and this link will go to your website.

Since it is not an affiliate link, most social media will let you do this without an issue.

It does not matter in which niche your website is about; write a summary of your post and post it on your website. Some people will visit the website, and this way, you will get visitors to it.

Guest blogging

Some blogs and websites allow guest blogging. So, what is guest blogging?

Guest blogging is when someone lets you publish content on their website or blog; they will give you credit for that article.

How guest blogging works.

You find a website or blog in your niche that allows guest blogging. The easiest way to find this is to Google ‘your niche+guest blogging’ or ‘your niche+guest posts.’

Find blog sites that might receive guest posts and see which content is lacking.

Most websites or blogs have a contact form; write to the owner pitching your guest post; if they accept your proposal, you write the article, get free content, and get a link to your website.

If the blog you are pitching gets a lot of traffic, some of those people will click on the link and go to your website; this way, you will get quick traffic.

Email list.

Writing a simple email, including a link to your website and hitting send, can drive a ton of traffic to your website.

There are two ways to do this: the first is to build your email list, and the second is to pay someone so they can send your link to their email list.

Your email list

This will be easy for you if you have a list of subscribers in your niche. Every time you have new content on your website, you will tell your email list about the content by sending them the link to your website, generating instant and quick traffic for you.

You can read more about how to build an email list here.

Pay someone

If you do not have your email list, you can pay someone with an email list willing to send a shout-out email to their list.

You can find people in your niche building email lists and ask them if they can send an email to their list in exchange for cash.

The email’s cost will depend on the number of subscribers and the open rate they get.

I recommend finding 10 to 20 people with email lists in your niche, subscribing to their newsletter, and reading every email they send. This will give you an idea of the quality of their emails and the sending frequency.

After you find the winners, you can send them a pitch email asking them if they can send an email to their list recommending your website.

If you are going with this route, I recommend creating a lead capture page, asking people to join your email list first, and then sending them to your website.

Run paid social media ad campaigns.

Every social media has an option where you can pay money to reach more people. This is how social media make their money.

A few years ago, I found a video by Dennis Yu. He talked about the Dollar a Day strategy, where he used one dollar per day to promote his content and build a massive online following.

You can listen to the strategy and how it works here.

You can create multiple campaigns on social media, such as Twitter, Facebook, or Pinterest. For each campaign, you can spend $5.

Find the winning campaign and spend more money on those that get you more engagement and visitors to your website.


Most people do not think this works, but I tried many times, and it worked every time. The first time I tried this, I was at a university.

I created a blog, so I printed flyers and handed them to students; the flyers just had the home address of my blog. 

I got a lot of traffic to my blog, and my AdSense revenue almost doubled overnight. 

The second time, I tried it with an affiliate blog. I went to a local affiliate event while I was in a lobby, and I started making connections with people who attended the event.

I exchanged a business card with some of them, and on my business card, there was my name and website address, which will take them directly to an opt-in page. I got more than 100 subscribers and a few Clickfunnels sales from this event.


Can I use SEO to get quick traffic to my website?

Yes, you can use SEO to get quick traffic to your website. You can target low-competition and long-tail keywords to get quick traffic to your website or blog.

Can I use traffic exchanges to get quick traffic to my website?

No, traffic exchanges are the quickest way to get free traffic, but this traffic is very low quality, and they will probably never buy anything from your website. Also, it is against many publishers’ TOS to use traffic exchanges to drive traffic.

Key Takeaways: 5 Quick Ways To Get Traffic To Your Website

If your website is new or can not get traffic, you can use your social media, email list, paid promotion, or offline events to get quick traffic to your website.

Even though this is a short-term approach, it works; I recommend picking one method and trying it yourself.