5 Affiliate Marketing Tools That Will Boost Your Profits

Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest ways to make money online. Imagine this: someone else is creating a product, offering support.

All you need to do is to get a link for that product and recommend it to other people; when they buy, you get your cut.

You can start affiliate marketing cheaply, but you must use some tools to boost your profits. I will share five affiliate marketing tools to boost your profits in this post.

5 Affiliate Marketing Tools That Will Boost Your Profits

There are many affiliate marketing tools that you can use to boost your profits; in this post, I pick 5 of them, which, in my opinion, are the basics, and if you use them correctly, you can run your entire affiliate marketing using these tools.

Tracking Tool.

You need to track all traffic you’re sending to the affiliate page or squeeze page, know where your visitors are coming from, how many of them are joining your list, and how many are clicking on the affiliate links.

The main reason to track all the clicks is to know which sources are bringing legit visitors and which ones are bringing bad, low-quality, or bot traffic.

This will help you invest more time and money in the conversion traffic. Remember, you can not improve something you can not measure. 

There are a lot of great tracking tools in the market, the best of them is Clickmagick, you can get your two weeks free trial here.

Affiliate Link Management Plugin.

Tracking your affiliate link alone is not good enough, to brand yourself you will need to have something that can manage all your links.

My recommendation is that you install a simple WordPress on your server and install a plugin called Pretty Link; this WordPress plugin is free( there is a paid version for it, but you do not need it).

There are two reasons you should use it:

  1. Clean URL structure
  2. Link replacement and management

Imagine you have to replace an affiliate link all over the internet because the old product is now replaced with a new one. 

If you have a link management plugin, all you need to do is change the affiliate link, which will be updated.

You can download it directly from the WordPress dashboard or by Clicking this link.

pretty link

Landing Page Builder.

If you have been trying to make money online for over a day, I am sure you have heard that the money is on the list.

To build your email list you need to build a simple page where you will send your visitors either to presell the product or to give them some incentive in exchange for their email address.

There are many great landing pages, but there is only one king in the town and Clickfunnels. This is the best landing page builder in the market right now.

The good news is that Clickfunnels offers a two-week free trial by clicking here.

Even though Clickfunnels is the best landing page builder, it is not cheap. If you are new and you do not have $147 to invest in Clickfunnels, my recommendation would be to get Systeme.io.

This is a freemium landing page builder, and they have a free plan that will allow you to create up to three landing pages for free.

Email Marketing Tool

Email marketing is the most lucrative online business model, there is a study that on average you can make $42 for every $1 you spend on email marketing.

Building your list should be the priority if you want to make money as an online entrepreneur, and you will be able to make money.

You own the list and can promote whatever affiliate product you like. 

Email marketing puts your affiliate marketing on complete autopilot. Here is a list of the best email marketing tools for affiliate marketers:

For new affiliate marketers, I recommend Aweber.

For Affiliate marketers whose main traffic source is providing content online, I recommend Convertkit.

For affiliate marketers who have a plan to create their products or courses, I recommend ActiveCampaign.

Keyword Research Tool.

To find prospects online, you need to have a keyword analysis tool. The keyword tool will help you figure out what people are looking to buy online, and you will find out who your competitor is so that you can create your marketing campaign.

If you’re a content creator, you can use this information to create content around those keywords and use the content to attract your ideal prospects.

If you do not create content to drive traffic, you can use a keyword tool for market analysis and spy on your competitors.

There are a lot of great keyword and market research tools in the market, and I tried most of them.

If you are using paid ads, or you want to run a local business, and you want to know how to increase your product’s visibility online, Semrush is the best tool for you.

Semrush will give you a 7-day free trial( credit card is required), and then they will charge you $119 monthly on their cheapest plan.

For those who want to create content online, the best tool to find the keyword is Ahrefs. They do not offer a free trial; their lowest plan is $99 monthly.

This is the best tool for finding keywords and ranking online.

If you are under budget, this is what I recommend: get a Semrush trial, do all your research for that week ( or on the weekend), download the research in an Excel sheet, and then cancel the free trial.

Start doing marketing and producing content. You can upgrade to their paid plan when you start making money.

Here is how you can get content ideas using Semrush.

Key Takeaways

The top 5 affiliate marketing tools that will boost your profit are a tracking tool, a link management tool, a landing page builder, an email management tool, and a content/marketing research tool.

These are the tools that I use every day to run my online business. My question is, how many of these tools do you use in your affiliate marketing business? Let me know in the comment section below.