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10 Reasons Why I Read Books

10 Reasons Why I Read Books

I read a lot of books. There was a time when I read 500 to 700 pages a day, and reading books helped me a lot. So, in this post, I will share ten reasons why I read books.

Ten reasons why I read books

My journey with books began during my time at an academic research institution. As a researcher, I was immersed in a world of reading, a habit I carried into my entrepreneurial journey.

Here are the ten reasons why I read books, each one a personal testament to their transformative power.

To become a better version of myself

Reading books helped me discover things I did not know about myself. Books helped me connect the dots and understand why things happen and how to overcome them.

One of the books that helped me grow as a human being and entrepreneur was The Richest Man of Babylon.

The book taught me how to create an emergency fund, the importance of investing, hard work, a plan, a mentor, and more. Each of these lessons helped me grow.

Gain experience

There was a time I was going to present about the HART foundation. It is an industrial communication protocol, and I had very little experience.

So, I bought a book on Amazon from a guy with vast experience, read it, and used some of the stories in my presentation. Today, people consider me an expert in the subject.

Reading books can give you perspective on different subjects. I know that personal experience matters, but learning from other people’s experiences is a great way to learn. You do not have to repeat the same mistakes. You can make new ones.

It is the cheapest form of mentorship.

Many great men and women have gone on to do amazing things, but it would cost me a fortune to speak to them for a few minutes.

The cheapest and easiest way to gain their wisdom is to read their books and biographies.

Even if you have a chance to meet them, you will look more interesting if you know a bit about them. How do you do that? By reading books about them.

To make an informed decision

Reading books helped me make smart and informed decisions. For example, I used to have many credit cards, which cost me a lot in fees, and I was not able to maximize rewards.

One day, I read a book called I Will Teach You How to Be Rich by Ramit Sethi. From that book, I could select the cards that reflected my income and lifestyle. I got more rewards, and now banks pay me to use their cards.

It is amazing how one book can change your life.

To find answers

If I have questions that I cannot get answers from my mentor or teacher, I will read books until I find answers.

To keep my mind active

Books are a great way to keep me company When traveling long distances or waiting in long lounges between flights.

I wouldn’t say I like to make small talk. Most people are boring and do not have interesting things to say. Most of the time, I prefer to read books rather than start small talks about the weather.

Books help me to make new friends.

While traveling from Istanbul to Mexico City, I saw a guy reading DotcomeSecrets. Since I read that book, we have started talking about it, the author, and the online business in general, and we have become friends.

Reading books makes it easier to identify people with the same interests as you. By the way, I met my girlfriend and a bookstore.

To exercise my brain

Reading is an excellent method for exercising your brain, unwinding, and participating in activities that are beneficial for stress levels and brain health.

It puts you in a better position to decrease cognitive aging, even while it would not stop dementia from advancing or completely reduce your chance of getting it.

To sleep faster

Studies have shown that when a person reads in bed, their heart slows, and their muscles release tension, allowing the body to relax

Reading at bedtime may calm the mind and keep it from dwelling on stressful circumstances.

If you feel stressed, you should read.

Source of ideas

I use books as a source of inspiration for new ideas. When we read, we enhance our creativity and our ability to generate new ideas, which are the starting points for innovation.

Without imagination, we would be unable to develop new inventions, make discoveries, or tap into our original thinking.

Key Takeaways: Ten reasons why I read books

These are the ten reasons why I read books

Do you read books? If yes, what types of books do you read? Let me know in the comment section below.

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